Monday, October 31, 2011

Toddle Along Tuesday - Hopes and Dreams


At nearly 10 months old I can't really picture you at any other age than this though just a few short months ago I couldn't imagine you as anything other than a squishy, small ball of baby goodness.  So when I think about my hopes and dreams for you I feel like it's a lifetime away.

I hope you never lose your ability to laugh at us being goofy and making funny noises to get a reaction.  I know one day you'll be 15, around your friends, maybe even a boyfriend, and your dad or I will walk into the room and say something to embarrass you.    I'm sure at 15 it'll probably go a little like this

Me:  Hey kids, don't you just love that new Lady Gaga song?
You:  Who is Lady Gaga?
Me:  Who is Lady Gaga?!  What?!  Are you kidding me?  Only one of the best performers of all time. (here I'll make sure to dance like Gaga to demonstrate)
You:  Mom, you're embarrassing me!

I dream you'll be very intelligent.  You're the only baby I know who takes so much in.  We can see you thinking as your brow furious when investigating a new toy or book.  I imagine you'll take this inquisitive nature and turn it into a career like medicine, law school, etc where you do a lot of deep thinking.  I can see you excelling in school.

I hope you keep your high standards, especially when it comes to future boyfriends and one day your husband.  When people approach us and attempt to get a smile out of you we tell them it won't happy.  Not because you aren't happy, you are.  You're just hard to impress.  People really have to work to get more than a blank stare from you.  I imagine you'll make the boys work to impress you as well.  Keep them working and it'll keep them on their toes.

I hope you are musical and book smart, easily liked, genuine, kind, and caring to others.  Most of all I hope and dream you grow up to be a beautiful, intelligent woman who is confident in yourself.  That you marry a man who treats you like a queen, that you have beautiful children who look at you the same way you look at me.  Like I'm the only person in the world you can calm you when you're scared.  I hope you never suffer heartbreak and enjoy every minute of your life.  After all time passes so quickly.

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  1. Aww. This is such a sweet post. I love that little hat, too.

  2. I found you through followers fest! What a beautiful blog. I have a Christmas series going on with a Christmas post a day for 50 days and it just started! You should check it out!




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