Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Look Back - A Year Ago

As we quickly approach winter and the holidays that I love so much, I remember where I was this time last year. 
Prior to pregnancy I was taking weekly yoga classes geared toward building strength and holding positions to build up muscles I didn’t realize I had.  I also took a couple hot yoga classes that had me sweating more than I ever thought possible.  Those were very interesting classes.  When I found out I was pregnant I took a break from my typical yoga classes and decided to join some prenatal yoga classes.   When I signed up for the prenatal yoga classes I was so excited to get back into yoga.  Yoga is all about finding some inner peace and calm as well as strengthening.  Each type is a little different and I knew the prenatal classes would focus more on breathing and calming techniques.   I was so excited to finally be getting back to yoga that I didn’t even think I might be walking into a yoga class that’s a little out of my comfort zone.   I love yoga but I’m no granola.  So when I walked into the class the first person I saw was my teacher.  Wearing a white flowy outfit with matching white fabric wrapped on her head.  I was a teeny bit scared of how personal and open we were going to get.  Sure enough, we started the class singing a song together. 
I was 24 weeks pregnant and loving every minute of it.  We found out just a few weeks prior that we were having a girl.  I was feeling and seeing her movements as well as the multiple bouts of hiccups that occurred throughout each day.  I was experiencing some serious heartburn which aligned with the old wives tale that I was having a girl with a lot of hair.  Several weeks later we would find out that I was in fact, caring a girl with a head of hair.  The ultrasound technician actually said to us, “You may want to bring bows to the hospital’.
I was preparing for the baby showers friends and family were throwing for me.  I also spent a lot of my free time these days designing her nursery and purchasing items needed to make the room cozier.  Unfortunately we didn’t take a lot of photos throughout the pregnancy, that’d be my inability to keep at something, but we were able to catch one at this stage.

Who knew in just 14 weeks my life would change so dramatically?

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  1. Your belly was so cute! I definitely can't wait for that again :)

    What did you think about the yoga class? And where did you go?



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