Monday, March 31, 2014

Recipes: Bacon & Broccoli Quiche

Last week I posted about all the food we made at the baby shower for our friend Katie.  I hate when blogs don't share recipes so get yourself ready to save these.  So yummy and so easy.  Do we notice a trend there?  I'm all about easy recipes.  This one boggles my mind because the quiches are so good and seem like they would be a lot of work and a lot of ingredients when they're not.  The bacon was the worst part.

Bacon Quiche
1 sheet refrigerated pie pastry
1/4c sliced green onions
1tbs butter
6 eggs
1 1/2c heavy whipping cream
1/4c unsweetened apple juice
1lb sliced bacon, cooked & crumbled
1/8tsp salt
1/8tsp pepper
2c shredded swiss cheese

Broccoli Quiche
1 sheet refrigerated pie pastry
1/4c sliced green onions
1tbs butter
6 eggs
1 1/2c heavy whipping cream
1/4c unsweetened apple juice
1 10oz bag of frozen broccoli
1/8tsp salt
1/8tsp pepper
2c shredded swiss cheese

Line pan with crust.  In a small skillet saute green onions & butter. In large bowl, whisk eggs, cream & juice.  Stir in bacon or broccoli (or bacon & broccoli if you're crazy), salt, pepper and onions.  Pour into crust & sprinkle with cheese.  Bake at 350 for 45-60 minutes until clean center.

Enjoy friends!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Graham Loves Avocado

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Vintage Airplane Baby Shower

One of my closest friends, Katie, is pregnant with her first child.  Her husband Nick and Rick grew up together since they were very young so when Katie and I came into the picture, we had to like each other.  We more than like each other, we were in each others weddings, she's helped host my baby showers and is Graham's godmother.  So when Mary and I got together to throw her a shower we knew it had to be something special.  The nursery theme is vintage airplane and I loved adding little touches of airplanes throughout the shower.

A bit of an Americana theme with the place settings and we had a small, intimate shower which was nice for chatting easily.  We added a potted spring plant to each setting as a takeaway for each of the girls.  You can't see them well but in the center of the table are miniature airplanes.  There in the background you can make out a tin vintage airplane sign I found on Amazon.  

The food we decided to serve was a light brunch which consisted of these fabulous and easy to make quiches.  One broccoli and one bacon.

These homemade cinnamon rolls were heaven.  Terribly bad for the waistline but we couldn't get enough of these.

To round out those sinful cinnamon rolls we had a fruit salad with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, oranges, kiwis, and watermelon.  Perfection!

Tea and coffee were an option for each of our guests but we also wanted a fresh punch to drink as well.  This fun raspberry, lemonade was topped with fresh raspberries, lemons & mint.  We had champagne flutes prepared with a raspberry and a nice sparkling champagne for those who wanted a little booze for their morning. 

Ugh, that would be me.

Seriously, the first shower in a long time where I was able to drink champagne.

Mary put together the cute sign with various airplanes and strung it across her mantle with twine.

No shower is complete without a dessert to top it all off.  We didn't want to get a cake or anything too heavy since it was still fairly early and the cinnamon rolls were enough to put us all under.  We also didn't really want to make anything else so Mary picked up a few cute mini cupcakes along with some whoopee pies.  Because whoopee pies are super vintage, totally reminds me of the 50s.

Such a nice, intimate shower and was so relaxing.  I know Katie enjoyed how small and relaxed the shower was.  We've all been to showers that are big and can be a bit uncomfortable when you don't know all the guests.  It was easy for the hosts and easy for Katie.  

Now we just need to see baby C.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Graham Month Six

My little man is 6 months old already.  Half way to his first birthday and I can't believe how much time has flown by.  I'm sure it's partly because the boy still isn't sleeping and it's all a blur to this sleep deprived mom but I still can't believe it!

Stats:  We had the 6 month check up on his six month birthday, which was last Thursday.  He weighed in at 19lbs and was 25inches long.  Head is still ranking in at 95th percentile.  He's in 6 month clothes but jeans have to be 9 months because of his belly and drumstick thighs.

Sleep Schedule:  Still not great, but we've started crying it out in hopes that he'll get it.  Bedtime is by 8pm, sometimes it's closer to 7:30 depending on how cranky & tired he appears.  After 3 nights of CIO, he's still waking up 3-4 times a night fussing or full out raging screams.  I've been feeding him at 5:30/6 and then he sleeps again until about 7:30 on the weekends.  During the week we have to wake up at 6:30 to get out the door by 7.  Nap times are still erratic and consistently 45 minutes at a time.  Usually total 'nappage time' is about 90 minutes all day long.

Foods:  Still eating about 5-5.5oz at each feeding every 3-4 hours throughout the day.  Followed by about an ounce of solids.  New foods introduced have been strawberries, bread, pears, squash, potatoes, and your new favorite - avocado.  You cannot get enough of this stuff and scream when it's gone.

Firsts:  Other than the first foods mentioned above nothing new.  Your sitting up unassisted much better and are starting to push fully up to all fours, though you still don't enjoy that. 

Favorites:  You really love your jumperoo, you can go for a long time jumping in that thing.  You love sitting up and playing with your toys.  You still love your sister a lot and love when she talks with you.  You love avocado and nursing.

I know I say this each month, but each month gets more enjoyable to watch you grow.  You become a happier baby each month and share smiles with everyone.  I cannot wait to see what next month brings.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day Potato Pancakes

This really doesn't have anything to do with St. Patrick's day.  The pancakes aren't green and potato pancakes aren't from Ireland, but they're still good.  And I'll still be eating potato pancakes any day of the week.  I guess I always assumed they were Irish since us Irish folk love potatoes. Anywho...

2 eggs
1/2 diced white onion
salt & pepper
1/4 cup breadcrumbs
2-3 cups frozen hashbrowns

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl.  Start with 2 cups frozen hashbrowns and add more if needed.  You should be able to easily form a ball with the mix without it being too mushy.  If it's too mushy add more hashbrowns.  You could always add a tablespoon of milk if needed.  Roll mix into balls about 2 inches around and place into pan of hot oil.  Press down with spoon until it forms a pancake.  Cook about 2 minutes on each side.  Cool & serve with sour cream and applesauce if desired.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Baby Lead Weaning

When Addie was a baby, I loved making her baby food.  I'd find some fresh fruit and veggies, cook them up and then puree them.  It didn't take me much time and it was cheap.  I enjoyed it a lot knowing I was still making all her food.  At Graham's last pediatrician visit at 4 months, the pediatrician gave the green light to begin introducing foods.  Since Addie was born, the though process on food introduction to babies had changed.  Introduce between 4-6 months and don't limit what they can/cannot eat.  The only food off limits was honey until age one.  So I began making purees, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, green beans, etc.  But Graham wasn't a fan.  We kept at it.  Sometimes he'd eat it with no issues and others he'd fuss and cry and refuse.  So I introduced the mesh feeder.

Graham is a huge fan of putting his fingers and toys in his mouth to chew on so I thought, maybe he'll enjoy this.  I put a soft banana in the feeder and let him go at it.  He liked it. Then I started thinking, what about baby lead weaning.  I had read about it when Addie was a baby but because we really didn't have issues with purees, I didn't introduce the idea until she was much older (and had teeth).

Basically, you fully cook or offer foods that are very soft and let the baby eat at their own pace.  It also helps to develop the skill of taking a hand, grasping with a fist and bringing the food to the mouth.  Lots of brain development.  

I have to admit, I was nervous trying this out because I wasn't sure how he'd react.  I was nervous about the potential for him to choke.  Graham did really well, he completely gets bringing the food to his mouth and opening his mouth to eat it.  He did get frustrated a few times when he couldn't figure out how to get the food in easily.

We started with toasted bread which he seemed to enjoy and will be trying strawberries tonight.  He did gag a few times which nearly stopped my heart but I know he's learning.  I'm really excited to continue down this path as there was no crying and he gets it.  

Have you tried baby lead weaning?  Success?  What foods did you try and how did you prepare them?


It's important to know when trying baby lead weaning, you must be present watching your baby the entire time.  Never leave your baby around food if you will not be watching.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pesto Tortellini with Roasted Tomato

Monday was our first nice day of 2014.  At least nice enough that I was willing to venture out during my lunch break.  I made my way to Trader Joe's because I could get lost in that s tore for a solid hour without realizing it.  It was lunch and I was feeling hungry so it was probably a bad idea to be a grocery store but I did it anyway. What I found was this.  Cheese tortellini.  I knew dinner was done the minute I laid eyes on those cheese filled pasta circles.

I didn't want anything very heavy for dinner so instead of making a red sauce or even worse, a heavy alfredo, I went with a light pesto olive oil coating.  Then I thought, let's kick it up a notch (a la Emeril) so I roasted some tomatoes.

Cheese Tortellini
Pesto packet - the instant kind where you add oil & water
Salt & Pepper

Cook your tortellini as suggested on the package.  While your tortellini is cooking, heat up some oil and about a tablespoon of garlic.  While the oil is heating, start mixing up your pesto packet.  By the time your pesto has been assembled you can keep it cooking on low and focus on the tomatoes.  Slice the tomatoes in half length wise and put cut side down into warm oil.  Roast for about 3-5 minutes over medium heat.  Flip and cook other side for another 3-5 minutes.  Flip back over and add salt, pepper and a little mozzarella if desired.  Toss pesto sauce in with cooked tortellini, top with roasted tomato and enjoy!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Irish Step Dancing

Before I had kids, I always wanted to have a girl and wanted her to take Irish Step dancing classes.  There's something about that dance that get's me all excited  and to be able to see my child grown into that was a dream.  It became a reality recently...

Well, sort of.  You see, I get Groupon & Living Social delivered daily to my email so a couple months ago when one of those emails came through with 4 weeks of Irish Step dancing, I was sold.  I had to wait for months until Addie turned 3 (the age requirement for the classes) and then had to wait until the new round started.

The first week I didn't know what to expect.  We walked in and Addie was greeted by the most Irish accent I'd ever heard.  Addie was too nervous to sit in the room alone (they don't allow parents in the rooms) so I sat with her for a few minutes until she warmed up.  I was able to sneak out and peek in every few minutes.

The second week - she was sick and had to miss class.

The third week - disaster.  I literally spent the entire 45 minutes in class with Addie because she would not let me leave her side.  I think that's because the very Irish teacher from week one had went out on maternity leave.  In came a very pregnant second teacher.  Maybe it was the new teacher.  She started to warm up towards the end of class but would still not let me leave.

The fourth and final week of class went much better than the prior week.  It took a few minutes for her to warm up again but eventually settled in with the student teacher she's holding hands with below.  Towards the end of class she began crying but was able to stay in the room until class ended.

It's such a cute class and I wish she liked it more for my own dream but I don't think it's right for her right now.  They ask for a bit of structure, lots of listening, and I think she doesn't like that about the class.  We're going to enroll her in gymnastics as I think it will help her to burn some energy and she loves tumbling at home.

Until the day comes when she asks to "point her toes" and then I'll come flying back in!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Strawberry Shortcake

Sunday was another dreary cold and snowy day in Columbus so we stayed in the house nearly all day.  Dinner was lemon chicken and broccoli so I figured we could splurge a little for dessert.  Enter the strawberry shortcake.

It's one of my favorite desserts, so tasty and so simple to make.

First - get yourself a box of bisquick and follow the directions on the box.  In case you have the bag of bisquick but threw out the box, here's your recipe.

    4 cups sliced fresh strawberries
    1/2 cup sugar
    2 1/3 cup Original Bisquick mix
    1/2 Cup milk
    3 Tbsp sugar
    3 Tbsp butter or margerine, melted
    1 container (8 oz) frozen, whipped topping, thawed.

    Mix strawberries and 1/2 cup sugar; set aside. Heat oven to 425 F.
    Stir Bisquick mix, milk, 3 Tbsp sugar and the butter until a soft dough forms. Drop by 6 spoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheet.

    Bake 10-12 min or until golden brown. split warm shortcakes; fill and top with strawberries and whipped topping.

    My alterations - I didn't use quite 4 cups of strawberries but kept the sugar at that amount.  I cooked the strawberries and sugar over medium heat to get a simple syrup going from the strawberries.  
    I also did not use the whipped topping and instead used what I had on hand, a can of whipped cream.  I also added a small scoop of ice cream.

The recipe makes 6 LARGE shortcakes so you could make them smaller and get 8 out of this.  


Monday, March 3, 2014

Product Review & Giveaway: GooseWaddle Blankets

Note: I received this product free in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions are that, mine and true.

You know how you go to your baby shower and you're loaded up with gifts from friends and family?  Inevitably you're going to get a baby blanket.  Scratch that, you'll probably get 5 baby blankets.  There's something about women and baby blankets and they just can't seem to not purchase one as a gift.  If you have that problem, then you're going to want to pay close attention to the rest of this post.  I recently had the chance to review GooseWaddle baby blankets and I am in love.  

"GooseWaddle is an extraordinary new line of ultra-high-quality quality blankets.  Exquisitely soft and oh-so-comfy, our premium blankets are thoughtfully designed and superbly crafted using the finest materials.  Available in classic colors and in full-sized blanket or loveable "blankie size."   

I selected white because I'm a fan of just about everything neutral.  When the package arrived I rushed into the house, opened the box and grabbed the blanket and nearly dropped it.  Seriously, never have I ever felt anything so soft.  If I could have a GooseWaddle blanket come in King size I may never leave my bed.  I instantly pulled the blanket up to my face and rubbed it on my cheeks, signed like I was in heaven and thought, "Graham is going to love this".  

And he does.  He rubs his cherub face all over that blanket and has, on a couple occasions, tried to eat it.  Here's where things get really fun...

Giveaway GooseWaddle is offering one of my readers the chance to win a $50 gift certificate!

How to Enter  Just follow the instructions in the Raffelcopter widget below.  Make sure you complete the first task as it is a mandatory task.  Once you complete the mandatory task, all other tasks are optional but do increase your chances to win! Open to US  only and will close at midnight on Monday, March 10, 2014.  Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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