Thursday, March 13, 2014

Baby Lead Weaning

When Addie was a baby, I loved making her baby food.  I'd find some fresh fruit and veggies, cook them up and then puree them.  It didn't take me much time and it was cheap.  I enjoyed it a lot knowing I was still making all her food.  At Graham's last pediatrician visit at 4 months, the pediatrician gave the green light to begin introducing foods.  Since Addie was born, the though process on food introduction to babies had changed.  Introduce between 4-6 months and don't limit what they can/cannot eat.  The only food off limits was honey until age one.  So I began making purees, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, green beans, etc.  But Graham wasn't a fan.  We kept at it.  Sometimes he'd eat it with no issues and others he'd fuss and cry and refuse.  So I introduced the mesh feeder.

Graham is a huge fan of putting his fingers and toys in his mouth to chew on so I thought, maybe he'll enjoy this.  I put a soft banana in the feeder and let him go at it.  He liked it. Then I started thinking, what about baby lead weaning.  I had read about it when Addie was a baby but because we really didn't have issues with purees, I didn't introduce the idea until she was much older (and had teeth).

Basically, you fully cook or offer foods that are very soft and let the baby eat at their own pace.  It also helps to develop the skill of taking a hand, grasping with a fist and bringing the food to the mouth.  Lots of brain development.  

I have to admit, I was nervous trying this out because I wasn't sure how he'd react.  I was nervous about the potential for him to choke.  Graham did really well, he completely gets bringing the food to his mouth and opening his mouth to eat it.  He did get frustrated a few times when he couldn't figure out how to get the food in easily.

We started with toasted bread which he seemed to enjoy and will be trying strawberries tonight.  He did gag a few times which nearly stopped my heart but I know he's learning.  I'm really excited to continue down this path as there was no crying and he gets it.  

Have you tried baby lead weaning?  Success?  What foods did you try and how did you prepare them?


It's important to know when trying baby lead weaning, you must be present watching your baby the entire time.  Never leave your baby around food if you will not be watching.

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