Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Vintage Airplane Baby Shower

One of my closest friends, Katie, is pregnant with her first child.  Her husband Nick and Rick grew up together since they were very young so when Katie and I came into the picture, we had to like each other.  We more than like each other, we were in each others weddings, she's helped host my baby showers and is Graham's godmother.  So when Mary and I got together to throw her a shower we knew it had to be something special.  The nursery theme is vintage airplane and I loved adding little touches of airplanes throughout the shower.

A bit of an Americana theme with the place settings and we had a small, intimate shower which was nice for chatting easily.  We added a potted spring plant to each setting as a takeaway for each of the girls.  You can't see them well but in the center of the table are miniature airplanes.  There in the background you can make out a tin vintage airplane sign I found on Amazon.  

The food we decided to serve was a light brunch which consisted of these fabulous and easy to make quiches.  One broccoli and one bacon.

These homemade cinnamon rolls were heaven.  Terribly bad for the waistline but we couldn't get enough of these.

To round out those sinful cinnamon rolls we had a fruit salad with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, oranges, kiwis, and watermelon.  Perfection!

Tea and coffee were an option for each of our guests but we also wanted a fresh punch to drink as well.  This fun raspberry, lemonade was topped with fresh raspberries, lemons & mint.  We had champagne flutes prepared with a raspberry and a nice sparkling champagne for those who wanted a little booze for their morning. 

Ugh, that would be me.

Seriously, the first shower in a long time where I was able to drink champagne.

Mary put together the cute sign with various airplanes and strung it across her mantle with twine.

No shower is complete without a dessert to top it all off.  We didn't want to get a cake or anything too heavy since it was still fairly early and the cinnamon rolls were enough to put us all under.  We also didn't really want to make anything else so Mary picked up a few cute mini cupcakes along with some whoopee pies.  Because whoopee pies are super vintage, totally reminds me of the 50s.

Such a nice, intimate shower and was so relaxing.  I know Katie enjoyed how small and relaxed the shower was.  We've all been to showers that are big and can be a bit uncomfortable when you don't know all the guests.  It was easy for the hosts and easy for Katie.  

Now we just need to see baby C.



  1. How fun! Everything looks amazing and I would like some of those cinnamon rolls haha.

    1. Thanks! I'll get you a recipe. Not as fun as someone making them for you but at least you'll have it.



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