Thursday, March 6, 2014

Irish Step Dancing

Before I had kids, I always wanted to have a girl and wanted her to take Irish Step dancing classes.  There's something about that dance that get's me all excited  and to be able to see my child grown into that was a dream.  It became a reality recently...

Well, sort of.  You see, I get Groupon & Living Social delivered daily to my email so a couple months ago when one of those emails came through with 4 weeks of Irish Step dancing, I was sold.  I had to wait for months until Addie turned 3 (the age requirement for the classes) and then had to wait until the new round started.

The first week I didn't know what to expect.  We walked in and Addie was greeted by the most Irish accent I'd ever heard.  Addie was too nervous to sit in the room alone (they don't allow parents in the rooms) so I sat with her for a few minutes until she warmed up.  I was able to sneak out and peek in every few minutes.

The second week - she was sick and had to miss class.

The third week - disaster.  I literally spent the entire 45 minutes in class with Addie because she would not let me leave her side.  I think that's because the very Irish teacher from week one had went out on maternity leave.  In came a very pregnant second teacher.  Maybe it was the new teacher.  She started to warm up towards the end of class but would still not let me leave.

The fourth and final week of class went much better than the prior week.  It took a few minutes for her to warm up again but eventually settled in with the student teacher she's holding hands with below.  Towards the end of class she began crying but was able to stay in the room until class ended.

It's such a cute class and I wish she liked it more for my own dream but I don't think it's right for her right now.  They ask for a bit of structure, lots of listening, and I think she doesn't like that about the class.  We're going to enroll her in gymnastics as I think it will help her to burn some energy and she loves tumbling at home.

Until the day comes when she asks to "point her toes" and then I'll come flying back in!


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