Friday, October 14, 2011

Tiny Prints Holiday Cards

The holidays are quickly approaching.  Can you believe Thanksgiving is a mere 5 weeks away?!  Which means it’s soon time to start shopping, hearing Christmas music on the radio, and of course, Christmas cards.  So when the hubs and I started talking about what we’ll be doing for Christmas cards we checked out Tiny Prints.  With this being Adalyn’s first Christmas we want to make sure we have the cutest cards to share with our family and friends.  Tiny Prints has a wide selection of holiday cards to choose from.  Among their selection are a few I’m really digging right now.
Christmas Cards Snow Blooms - Front : Red Lantern

Christmas Cards Blessings Be Yours - Front : Moss

Christmas Cards Melodic Swirls - Front : Lightest Turquoise

There are so many options it's really hard to choose which we like best.  You can check out Tiny Prints website to choose your holiday cards.  They make it really easy to find cards by using the filters on the left side of the site.  You can also order their adorable holiday address labels as well as fabulous holiday party invitations.  We throw a big holiday party every year with our friends so we’ll be checking out the party invitations as well.  Go check out their selection of cards, address labels, and party invitations.

We love getting cards from friends and family and we usually tape them to our pantry door.  This year though, I may get super crafty and display our cards like this

How do you like to display your holiday cards?

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  1. I love that card tree. I wish I could make something like that. If you do, you HAVE to post pictures. I have a card wreath that hangs above my fireplace. It looks silly until it is full, but then it looks like a real wreath and I love it.



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