Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Adalyn Month Nine

On Friday your turned nine months old.  I took the day off since  your nine month well check was scheduled for the day.  More about those stats later.  After your appointment we did some mother/daughter shopping and you even managed to pass out while in the shopping cart!  Later that night we went up to your grandma and grandpa's house for a bonfire party.  You love watching the fire.

Stats:  At the doctors office you weighed in at 19 pounds 10 ounces which puts you in the 75th percentile for weight.  Your head has finally slowed its growth to 75-90 versus 95 last time around.  You stand a proud 24 inches tall which puts you at 50%.  You can pull off some 6 month clothes still but you fit better in the 9 month clothing.  I just cannot get enough of you in your baby jeggings and skinnies!

Sleep Schedule:  It's still a nightmare.  I thought for sure by 9 months you'd be sleeping a solid 8 hours a night without interruption.  You're not.  You still sleep about 5-6 hours, wake to eat, sleep another hour or two and then you want to get up.  I don't think you're our daughter.  Your mommy has always needed 8-9 hours and your daddy could sleep for days.  Your bedtime is 8:30 if not earlier.  The doctor says we should start putting you down tired but awake and teaching you to put yourself to sleep.  I'm hoping you pick it up quickly because hearing you cry breaks my heart!

Foods:  You're still nursing and eat about 30 ounces of milk.  You've progressed to what they call stage 3 foods, which is much chunkier food.  You're now eating everything mommy and daddy eat as long as it isn't to spicy.  The doctor said the only foods you shouldn't eat yet are shellfish and nuts so we have free reign to try all sorts of new foods.  You've yet to find a food you don't like.  You still haven't mastered the sippy cup which is why you'll be starting a prescription of vitamins with flourides.

Firsts:  You've hit a few firsts this month.  Your first tailgate on campus.  You did really well with new people you had never seen before.  You've had your first trip to the zoo where we learned you love to watch fish swim around.  We made your first roadtrip down to Newport, KY to the Newport Aquarium which you loved.  Your first trip to Chuck-E-Cheese's which your daddy thinks is awesome!  You also experienced your first visit to the pumpkin patch!  Your first kids meal actually took place on our trip to KY where you got spatzel and mashed potatoes. You ate maybe 5 bites of each and we only got it because it was free with our meals!  You also had your first big accident when you fell off of the hotel bed in KY.  You scared mommy to death and we both spent some time crying!

Favorite Toys:  Anything that isn't a toy.  Now that you've become so mobile, you love to pick up everything you see including fuzz, hair, and the power cords.  We really have to watch you closely.  You've become much more interested in books which is huge for your momma!

You've become a very fast crawler and no longer want to be held unless you're very tired.  You prefer to be down exploring on your own.  You've learned to pull yourself up on anything and everything.  I predict you'll be walking by Christmas if not sooner.  You still love hair!  You're learning how to wave and have recently learned to growl.  You know Chloe's name.  When we're laying in bed in the morning, I ask you where Chloe is and you sit up and try to look on the floor for her.

Next month I imagine you'll have 2 more teeth, though they're not for biting so keep them only for chewing your solids!  I think you'll be standing unassisted by next months check in.  You'll have experienced your first Halloween and will be preparing for mommy's favorite holiday, Thanksgiving!

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