Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Adalyns First Roadtrip

After visiting the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium last week and seeing Adalyn enjoying the aquarium portion so much, Rick and I decided a trip to the Newport Aquarium was necessary.  We both had Monday scheduled off since Ricks birthday was Sunday so we decided to head down Sunday, stay the night and visit the aquarium on Monday.

We headed out Sunday morning as A was starting to get cranky.  I had hoped to time this so she would sleep nearly the entire trip since we'd be driving during her typically long nap time.

About 2 hours later we crossed over the bridge into Kentucy.

Rick was famished, per usual, so we stopped at the Hofbrahaus for some German eating.  A even had her first kids meal but only because it was free and we got to eat more :)  She maybe consumed an ounce of food there.

After all the eating we needed to walk off some calories so decided to walk across the bridge back into Ohio.

Finally we were all tired and decided to check into our room at the hotel and did some swimming.  I think I have a future Olympic swimmer!  (I apologize for the sideways video but apparently my phone doesn't realize the right way to load).

Being Rick's birthday, he got to decide where we did dinner.  Wouldn't you know, the guy never grew up.  We ate at Chuck E Cheese's.  I was hesitant at first thinking it wasn't the right age group for A to enjoy, however we found a few thing she liked.

Monday we visited the Newport Aquarium in Newport, KY.  We weren't really sure how Adders would do but she was great.  She was interested in some fish but not interested in others.

We got a chance to visit the alligator exhibit and had some fun with an alligator skull we saw on display.

We had a chance to feed the Lorakeets as well.  You'll remember from our zoo trip Addie really likes these birds.

Lastly we checked out the newest exhibit, the penguins.  I was so excited to see these guys and thought Addie would love it.  Unfortunately, by this point she had crashed and slept through most of the activity.  We were able to wake her at the end to catch a few pictures posing with the sculptures!

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