Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Adalyn's First Zoo Trip

Sunday we had the opportunity to go to the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium for free so we jumped on it.  The tickets were free because my mom's company picnic was being held there that day.  So the crew included Rick, my parents, Addie and me.  Let me preface this with the fact that I'm not a huge fan of the zoo.  If you've seen it once you've seen it a thousand times.  It doesn't change enough to make yearly visits all that exciting.  So I was excited to go because I wanted to see how Addie reacted, or if she even would react.  She's still at an age where only some things actually catch her attention. 

It was a little chilly Sunday so we made sure to bundle up Addie so she was nice and toasty.  Our first exhibit to check out was the new polar bear exhibit.  One of the coolest animals to watch.  We could watch them all day.  Addie, though, was more interested in the fish.

She had a chance to check out the petting zoo and loved grabbing the goats' fur like she does with her dog Chloe.

We checked out the aquarium which had to be her favorite part of the trip.  For some reason it's so mesmerizing for kids.  I guess it is for adults as well because I could sit there all day and watch the fish swim around.

Here are the best pictures of Addie and I at the zoo.

Big fail.  It was the only picture of Addie and I at the zoo.  When  you're the designated photographer I guess that can happen.  Note to self, make a better attempt at asking someone to take our photo.

Here's another funny one.  Notice where Addie got her chin, ahem, lack of chin from?  That's her grandpa.

Lastly we checked out the Lorakeets where you could feed the birds nectar.

It was a chilly day and we were all exhausted after 6 hours of walking around and can't wait to go next year.  We think she'll enjoy the zoo a lot next year when she's more attentive.

Here's a few additional photos.


  1. These photos are great!! It looks like a really fun day! We are hoping to make it to the zoo soon. We did go to the aquarium a few weeks ago and Evan was also completely captivated by the fish. I love it!

  2. Your "best pictures" have me laughing out loud! Love it!

  3. She is so cute!! Love the pictures. Adorable!

  4. Sounds like a great day. I love that hat!

  5. Those cheeks are amazing! I'd have a hard time going to work...I'd want to spend all day kissing them :)



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