Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Adalyn's First Halloween

Yesterday was Beggar's night in our neighborhood.  Combined with Halloween night AND Addie's first Halloween and we have a trifecta!    

 I found her adorable chick costume at The Children's Place online when they were running a 60% off sale and combined it with another coupon.  I originally told myself I wouldn't buy her a costume.  I mean why bother, it's not like she knows what's going on or will actually be trick-or-treating.  However, when I found this deal and paid a total of $10 (leggings were found at Old Navy and I made her chick feet out of felt) on her costume I figured how could I pass it up.  Plus it's more for the photo ops than anything else.  

 The hubs and I, along with Addie and Chloe the Blowfish, hung out in our garage since it was sprinkling.

Surprisingly, Addie did really well considering she doesn't like being held for longer than 5 minutes anymore (the pros and cons of a crawler/cruiser).

I'm already planning what she'll be next year for Halloween!


  1. Too cute! Love the chicken costume!

  2. Her costume is so cute. I'm glad she enjoyed her night.



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