Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How We Told Everyone We Were Pregnant

No, this post isn't me telling you I'm pregnant.  We found out we were pregnant in May 2010 after a long journey attempting to get pregnant.  Based on what I previously experienced I decided not to share with anyone that we were pregnant until it was a safer time (after the first trimester).  So when it was finally that time, August 2010, we wanted to get a little more creative than the "I'm Pregnant" conversation.  I'm not a creative nor technologically inclined person so I left that all up to Rick.  He actually turned the following into a slideshow and we showed it to both of our families along with the theme song to Indiana Jones.

We were expecting the first slide to  be the dead giveaway of how this slideshow was going to go.  What we didn't expect is that neither of our families got it.  Seriously!  I mean at one point, Rick's family actually said, "alright, where is the picture of Chloe (our dog) that's going to pop up on the screen".  Finally we convinced them that it was an actual baby we were going to have  It was definitely an interesting introduction to our future baby.

How did you tell your family & friends that you were expecting?  How will you tell everyone on your next surprise?

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  1. This is such an adorable idea!! The sonogram pictures are too cute! The hubby and I dont have any kids .. yet! But when the times comes I would deff want to do something super cute and creative!!

  2. We told our families on our 2nd wedding anniversary when we were just over 11 weeks with a similar idea! I made a "wedding anniversary" slideshow, then at the end...we revealed that we were expecting! They loved it and were totally shocked!

  3. @Karla - It's fun to find a creative idea that really throws them off so they don't know what to expect.

    @Sarah - Great idea!



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