Monday, November 21, 2011

Adalyn Month Ten

Today you turn 10 months old.  I cannot believe how quickly time has past.  In less than a week we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving.  A holiday to be thankful for what you've been given.  Last year I was thankful for finally "baking my own turkey" and here, only a few short days a way, you'll be joining us for Thanksgiving!

Stats:  Not sure your exact height or weight though I'd guess you're about 28 inches tall and approximately 23 pounds.  You are now mostly in 9 month clothes though you can still rock some 6 months here and there.

Sleep Schedule:  Not much has changed in this department unfortunately.  A week ago you had 3 nights in a row where you slept for 8 straight hours.  You had me convinced you were finally turning the corner.  Unfortunately you just fooled me and quickly changed back to an erratic sleep schedule.  I can usually count on you to sleep 6 hours, wake for a feeding, and then sleep another 2.  My wish at the 11 month check in is that you will have changed this.

Foods:  You've slowly started to wean yourself.  In fact, you've eliminated one nurse session from your day.  I'm now only pumping twice at work instead of three times daily.  You eat approximately 25 ounces worth of milk a day.  You're still eating everything we eat although we're still avoiding spicy foods.  Shellfish, nuts and honey are still a no-no for you.  About an hour before bed we give you a half cups worth of oatmeal hoping it will prolong your waking at night.  So far it hasn't worked.  You still don't quite have the sippy cup down.  This is something we're hoping you can master by your birthday.

Firsts:  You celebrated your first Halloween.  You went as a baby chick, although we didn't actually take you out trick-or-treating.  You had your first trip to the pumpkin patch where we picked out some pumpkins just your size!  You've started cruising around the house.  You have even stood unassisted for a few seconds though you don't do it often.  Until you realize you're doing it alone and then you immediately fall to the ground.  You've learned to clap though when we mimic you, you typically stop and stare.  We're trying to teach you to blow kisses now.

Favorite Toys:  Again, anything not a toy is really interesting to you.  You are enjoying Chloe more every day.  You spend a lot of time crawling over her.  You've started using your walker and like to push just about any object around the house that you can. 

You still enjoying exploring on your own.  The only times we can hold you is when you're upset or tired.  I secretly enjoy that you prefer mommy to hold you during these times.  I still cannot  believe you don't have any more teeth.  The drool is never ending.  You will definitely take your first steps before Christmas as you're so close already.

In less than a week we'll be celebrating mommy's favorite holiday and will be eating turkey together!


  1. Oh Em Gee, I cant even stand it, her cheeks are so adorable! How hard was it to cram her into that pumpkin!? PS... I am your newest follower!

  2. @Mama, thanks for following us! I hope you enjoy along the way. Both the hubs and I had chunky cheeks when we were babies so she had it coming! Re: the pumpkin, she wasn't happy about it at all. It took a couple extra hands to make it work!



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