Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tasty Thursday - Halloween Leftovers Equal Butterfinger Pie

Each year we buy more candy than we get as trick-or-treaters and each year I end up eating candy for weeks.  Yes, I love candy just as much as the next girl but I already have a slightly flabby stomach from roasting a baby for 9 months.  So this year when our leftover Halloween candy stashed consisted of mostly fun size Butterfinger bars, I knew what I was going to make.  One of the easiest recipes.  Requires no baking.  Behold, the Butterfinger Pie:

Cue that whole light shining music

1 - 8oz package cream cheese - softened
1 - small package Cool Whip
6 - normal sized OR 20 - bite sized Butterfingers
1 - Graham cracker pie crust

Chop the butterfingers, mix with the cream cheese and cool whip.  Pour into the pie crust.  Make sure you lick the bowl clean here.  Cool in fridge for an hour.  I topped mine with a few extra shavings Butterfinger.  Enjoy!

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  1. Make sure you lick the bowl clean...haha. That sounds soooo good.

  2. Hello! I'm following from the Wild Wednesday Blog Hop! I'm following you through Google Friend Connect, Facebook, Twitter, and Networked Blogs, as applicable!

    I hope you're having a great week!

    Much Love,
    Courtney P.

    P.S. WOW! That looks and sounds so delicious!!

  3. @Courtney - thanks, I love your site with all the great recipes.

  4. Nice change from peanut butter pie!



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