Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Two Premieres, One Night

Today is one day I look forward to all year long.  Followed by my beloved Thanksgiving feast and will now be followed by baby girls birthday.  Two things happen today to make my night even better and it's just a coincidence they happen on the same day.

First, Lifetimes "One Born Every Minute" starts again.  I particularly loves this show because I watched it while on leave after giving birth to Adalyn and could relate.  I could really relate because it's the same hospital I delivered at and I recognized a lot of the doctors and nurses.  Make sure to check it out tonight.

So that's not the big event.  The long awaited, huge event in my television watching life is...

Wait for it...

The 20-11 (yes a space is needed there for dramatic effects) Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!!!

(cue the angels singing)

Love, love, love the energy of this show and would die to see this in person.  Here are a few shots from what you'll see tonight.

Miranda Kerr
Adriana Lima
I cannot wait!  You'll know what I'll be watching tonight.  B-T-Dubs... I have all of those outfits in my closet :)

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