Friday, July 8, 2011

Millions of Peaches, Peaches for Me (scratch that, for Addie)

I'm not really a green person.  I should be more concerned about recycling and being a much more green person but I never have been.  I recycle if there's a trash can nearby and I don't litter, it's actually a pet peeve of mine.  But I'm not doing anyting proactively to help the ice caps from melting.  So, when I was pregnant with Addie I talked to Rick about cloth diapering.  He was a total no, I wanted to do it if for nothing else that it was a money saver.  He never did get on board with that so I never invested in the diapers (I'd still like to CD by the way).  So when as we approached Addie's 4 month birthday I really started to think about what I wanted to do when she was ready for solids.  The thing is, I really wanted to make her own baby food.  It's really not hard at all and will save you money.  It just takes a little bit of time and preparation.

So, let me start by saying I did take pictures of this process but apparently I'm still a beginner with my Nikon as all the pictures turned out blurry in auto mode (boo!).  However I wanted to give you a step by step guide on how to cook the peaches to make baby food.

1 - set your oven to 400 degrees.  You'll need a pan, some water and your peaches. 

2 - cut the peaches in halves.  You can pit at this time or after cooking whatever your preference.  I waited to pit until after they cooked. 

3 - please the peaches cut side down in your pan.  Fill the pan with about an inch of water.

4 - place the pan of peaches in the oven and cook until the peaches start getting wrinkly and are soft to the touch.

5 - when the peaches are down let them cool (those suckers are hot) and remember the water is now a syrupy consistency so that can burn you.

6 - when the peaches are cool remove the skins and pits if you haven't already.  Save the water from the pan in case you want to thin your puree

7 - toss the peaches in a blender or food processor and blend to desired consistency adding the leftover whatever as desired.

8 - put the puree into freezer trays and freeze!

I have to say this took me a little while only because the peaches took some time to cook.  It was incredibly simple and tastes so good with no additives.  Baking the peaches gives it such a nice sweetness and retains a lot of the flavor and nutrients.  I can't wait to let Addie try these and will post pictures when she has her first peach puree.

Do any of you make your own baby food?  If so, what's your favorite food to make?


  1. Great step by step guidelines! Can't wait to see pics of her first taste!

  2. We're making our own food too, though we've only done sweet potatoes, avocado, and squash so far. I can't wait to do fruits!

  3. Thanks for this recipe, we're going to have to make this. We just tried Peaches in a jar and they smelled like sweaty socks. No thanks. No wonder why Carina started crying when we tried to feed them to her.

  4. Roasting peaches is delicious! I find myself eating my daughter's baby food too. Haha.



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