Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's Friday, Friday, Friday...

Well at least for me, today is my Friday.  I’ll be heading out of town with my BFF who will be getting married next May.  We’re going dress shopping with her and several friends and family members.  Though I am incredibly excited to be with the girls and enjoy a night out, I’m terrified to leave my baby girl.  It’s the first time I’ve left her for longer than 8 hours in the 6 months she’s been born so I’ve asked the girls to be prepared for who knows what may happen.   They know I’m really anxious and plan to make sure I have a drink in my hand the entire 24 hours I’ll be away from her. 
So enjoy your weekends, it’s supposed to be gorgeous here.  I plan to take lots of photos of our fun to share with you all!

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