Monday, July 25, 2011

How Time Flies

This is a couple days late but better late than never right?
Just 6 short months ago I gave birth to a beautiful 7lb 12 oz baby girl.  She didn’t enter this world the way I envisioned but that it is how things often go.  I won’t give you the entire birth story, we’ll save that for another day, but here’s a brief snippet. 
Leading up to delivery my ultrasound tech and OB said there was a chance that if my water broke there would be a lot of water.  My Dr. also followed that with not too many women actually have their water break naturally.  This was sort of a fear of mine, that I’d be out somewhere and it would break and I’d be incredibly embarrassed.  Naturally I packed a bag to keep at work just case.  Good thing too because my water broke at work!
It was a Thursday during lunch and there was a serious snow storm on its way in.  I had planned to do my weekly visit with the OB in a couple hours but when my water broke the office suggested I head into the hospital.  Of course, not having contractions, I took my time.  We landed in the hospital about 2 hours later, had there not been a storm moving in I probably would have went home for a couple more hours before heading in.
I was put on pitocin and it was cranked through the night to get me to progress.  After hours of little progress and painful pitocin contractions I called for the epidural.  I was moved, rotated and put in some pretty uncomfortable positions but still nothing.  At 6 AM my OB came in and made the c-section call.  This was the one thing I hadn’t planned on.  I should have at least thought about it considering 1/3 deliveries is the result of a c-section. 
By 8 AM I was in the delivery room and being prepared for surgery.  I was nervous; I had never really been in the hospital for anything in my 28 years.  So to have a major surgery at the same time I was having a life changing moment, I was concerned.  The anesthesiologist was great, he commentated on everything that was happening.  He was our camera guy and captured some pretty gruesome shots but I’m so glad we had him there because we probably would have forgotten. 
I was told there would be a lot of pressure as they tried to push her down and out but I wasn’t prepared for that either.  I think because she was still sitting just under my ribs they had to press down on me more than usual.  I lost my breath for what seemed like a minute but it was all worth it because just a few short minutes later, we heard her first cries! 
At 8:21 am on January 21st, Adalyn Grace was born weighing 7 pounds 12 ounces and 19 ¾ inches long.
So much has changed in 6 months which is a reminder to enjoy every minute with her. 
20 hours of labor and 30 hours of no sleep

My Ham at 6 months!


  1. Happy (belated) 6 months to Adalyn! Your mommy did great and was tough to bring you into this world. :)

  2. 6 months seems so old to me (but I know it's right around the corner). Her cheeks are the best!

    And while our births never go as planned, as long as the baby is happy and in our arms in the end, then we had the perfect birth!

  3. Awwww, what sweet pictures! Happy 6 months!

    (visting from tat)



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