Friday, July 29, 2011

My Newest Project, err, Sorta

I have a dream...sorry MLK...that my backyard will become more of an entertaining area.  We usually have several barbeque's, wine parties, nights by the fire and just general enjoyment in our backyard with friends and family.  This year has been our off year.  I'm sure it's mostly due to having a baby which tends to change your previous habits, but I love to entertain.  Our house, unfortunately, isn't really the best set up for entertaining because the kitchen and living area are so seperated and the kitchen is pretty tiny.  So the chance I get to spend outside entertaining I usually take up.  The other force against us has been this unbearably hot summer and the fact that our deck gets sun ALL.DAY.LONG. 

I knew some changes were in order so we can enjoy and use our house more than what we're actually getting out of it.  Especially since the economy has left us in a situation where we can't sell our house for what we'd like.  My plans are this:

Powerwash deck
Stain Deck
Build Pergola
Stain Pergola
Buy new patio furniture
Buy patio rug
Buy pillows to liven up the area
Keep up with weeding

I've started the thought process and now it's time to actually DO.  We're getting to the perfect time of year to be thinking about purchasing patio furniture since everything is being discounted due to the end of the season.  I've been etsying (yes, I just created that) and here are some pillows and such that I'm loving

Coral Lumbar Pillow - $26 found here

Octopus Pillow - $40 found here

Mason Jar Chandelier - $120 found here
 I'm hoping by October this would all be done but we are slow about our projects so let's plan for next spring :)


  1. Those pillows are GORGEOUS. Nice work!

    And what I wouldn't give to have a deck to decorate. Or sit on and drink a few margaritas..

  2. Our backyard and deck are used for nothing. I'd love to use it more for entertaining.

    And yes, etsying can be used as a verb. You just invented it.

  3. Our backyard could use a little make-over as well! I love the pillows and the chandlier! I look foward to watching the transformation, even if it doesn't happen till spring!! I found you on VoiceBoks and now am a happy follower!!

  4. You are so right about kids changing everything. Love the chandelier. You should stalk Lowe's looking for Yard Crashers!!! Following from VB.
    Check out Life As I Know It: Crazy Kids and All @



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