Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hello Etsy

I love Etsy!  It's an amazing and very addictive place to shop, dream, and create ideas.  In case you don't know Etsy is site focused on vintage or handmade items.  You can find everything from clothes to pictures, furniture to jewlery, and loads of baby stuff.  When I was pregnant with Addie and creating her nursery, I knew I wanted something that wasn't too childlike, weird I know considering I was about to have a child.  Children's characters just are not my style.  I knew Etsy would be the place to find lots of cute pieces that I could put in her room without being to child like and still stylish. 

Anywho, I could ramble about how much I love Etsy for hours, instead let me show what I found today that I love.  The color combo of teal and red are amazing!

Eye Candy - SEA GLASS Spiral - 7x7 Fine Art Print, TTV, Square, Polaroid Style, Clear Glass, Aquamarine, Coil, Ocean, Seascape, Turquoise, Cyan, Teal, Sea Foam Green, Lime, Chartreuse, Cherry Red, Textured - Photography by Jean Lannen, The Other Jeanie
7x7 Fine Art Print "Eye Candy Sea Glass Spiral" $25


  1. i heart etsy too..unfortunately i always forget to browse on there...thanks for the reminder! cute blog!



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