Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is This THE Dress?

Finally, the wedding dress pictures are uploaded and I’ve written the post for your reading pleasure.  As you remember, I joined a group of ladies Friday on a hunt for THE dress for my BFF, Mary.  We all piled into the Suburban and drove to Cincinnati to the Reading Bridal District.  Here’s the group:

We had one appointment scheduled and hoped to find the dress there, however we had plenty of other options if we didn’t find it.  Our first stop was at Bridal and Formal seen here

Mary had a lovely host decked her pleather pants assisting her along the way.  The rules, find 7 dresses to start within Mary’s budget.  Here’s Mary in the midst of a closet full of wedding dresses

I can tell you that we were easily able to pull 7 dresses between the 9 of us.  Mary tried each dress on but dress #1 became the winner.  The dress looks amazing on Mary; then again, all of them did because the girl has a ridiculous figure.  I can post no further pictures as the dress is a secret!
With the dress shopping done we made our way to the Hofbrauhaus for some good German food, drink, and entertainment.  We all had a great time but a particularly memorable experience was doing the chicken dance on our chairs.  Here’s a shot of the crew waiting for dinner

After all the drinking and eating we walked around the riverfront on the Kentucky side which is beautiful.  The Cincinnati Reds were having a game and the Sausage Festival was going on so the place was busy.  Here is one of the bridges connecting Ohio and Kentucky.

We headed to our hotel for the evening and all piled into a room for some continued drinking.  Clearly we were having loads of fun and for some of us, we were feeling the wine.  Here’s Mary’s aunt and namesake showing off her skills

Aunt Mary is recently retired and has spent much of her time cooking and taking pilates classes.  Her goal was to be able to do the splits by her 60th birthday.  Check that one off her list!
We had such a great time and it was nice to get an evening out with the girls and a breather from the baby.  It made returning to her so much more special!


  1. I love the Hofbrauhaus! We ended up there randomly during a weekend in Ohio and it was so fun. Sounds like you and the girls had a great time!

  2. We've walked that bridge many times! My inlaws are big Reds fans & my husband and I are big Indians fans, so we always stay at the Embassy and eat at the yummy Behle Street cafe when they have their series in Cincy.

    Sounds like you girls had a great time =)

  3. Your friend sure was brave to take so many women and opinions with her :) Looks like a good time and I agree, a little time away makes that return oh so sweeter to our babies! :)



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