Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Review

Loads going on this weekend, some to help prepare for next weekend and some just because.  Friday, Addie and I had a mommy and me night and met my parents out for dinner.  Saturday, I was busy working on the crafts for Addie's party I mentioned last week.  Plus, Addie and I attended a baby shower and a birthday party. Busy I know.  Sunday, Addie had developed a cold so she was a bit whiny.  On top of those top four teeth breaking through, she was a monster!

We're now 5 days and counting down to the big numero uno!  Tomorrow I'll give you more details of my pregnancy with Addie and reveal some details you probably did not know about me.

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  1. Maybe it is not a cold...maybe just teething. A doctor told me one time that all teething does is cause teeth. I respectfully beg to differ because every time one of my three cut teeth they always got a runny nose and ALWAYS spiked a fever. Too bad they took Hurricane off of the market. It was a Godsend! Good luck with the party!



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