Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Resolutions

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I know, I know.  I'm not a huge new years resolution person because I tend to let them fall away after a month or so, but it's still great to set  goals.  This year is no different.  So here is a list of my goals for the year:

Lose weight (I know, who doesn't have this on their list) - not only do I want to lose 15 pounds, I want to become more aware of what I'm consuming and tone up my tummy.

Become a better blogger - I have great followers but I need more interaction between my readers.  I would also like to make some income from blogging, who wouldn't right?!  It would be nice to supplement my income with some additional money.

Become more aggressive with my career path - I've become too comfortable in my day job.  I need to become more aware of what my opportunities are as well as where I want to be.

Create a fun, organized living space - We've been living in our house for 6 years now and I finally feel that we're settling into the house and are purchasing items for the house and rotating out hand me downs.  With this I need to create spaces that flow are pleasing to the eye.  We need to become more organized.  My so organized it's bordering on OCD, I don't like things out of place and start having small anxiety attacks.  My husband is the complete opposite.  He can live in total chaos so we need to mesh our living styles a little better.

These are all pretty large challenges I need to work on so I'll be taking each one step at a time.  Stay tuned for updates on each goal throughout the next few weeks and hopefully months!  Don't forget to enter to win in our Thirty-One giveaway!


  1. Those sound like aggressive but do-able goals. I look forward to reading about your progress!

  2. good luck on all of your goals! stay strong. :)

  3. Ha, so I just posted at least 3 very similar goals for 2012 for myself!

  4. Those are great resolutions/goals! Good luck with them! You will do great!



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