Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our Playroom

I have to give you a little bit of a background before I can show you our "playroom".  We have a fairly small house.  It's approximately a 1500 square foot ranch style single family home.  We have 5 rooms in the house, yes just 5 rooms.  Living room, kitchen, master bedroom, and 2 smaller bedrooms.  One of those bedrooms is my husbands office since he works from home.  The other is Adalyn's bedroom.

It's pretty small so she doesn't play in there too often.  We read books at bedtime and she plays in there when I'm putting her laundry away.  Other than that, all her play time happens in the living room.  Our living room is pretty big.  It's probably one of the best things about our house so it's the obvious spot we would have Addie's toys.  That and we can still watch Grey's Anatomy while she plays.  So our living space is a little chaotic with all of those toys from Christmas and with her birthday less than 2 weeks away, it's only going to get worse.  Right now we have most of her toys in this corner of the room to attempt to keep some sort of controlled chaos.

please ignore the floating shelf with nothing on it, it's a WIP

I really want to get a large ottoman we can use in the living room that can combo as a place for us to visually enjoy, is functional in a sense that we can store throws, pillows, and some of her toys in it.  Here's an option I'm leaning towards

At $139 this is a huge steal, b ut I don't love the color.  I want this in black.  And I'd like it a little bulkier.


We also need to find some storage for her bedroom and I'm really leaning towards this

White Toy Box 17"x30"x15.5".Opens in a new window
One day we may actually even finish our basement and turn that into a playroom.  That is if we don't move to a larger house first.  I'm really hoping for the latter.  


  1. W have a huge house and m living room looks the same way. We desperately need to figure out the toy storage issue. We are looking at the big ottoman.

  2. My mom has a similar ottoman and store all the grand kids toys in their. It's an awesome idea.

  3. My brother and his wife have an ottoman like that. Not only can they store stuff in there, but the cushion tops flip over and become like trays, so you can still put drinks or whatever on there. I've learned that multi-functioning items are key in small spaces. Pretty much everything in my house is super old, and I'm lucky if it performs the one function it is supposed to, but I know what I need to do if I ever get to buy new stuff!



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