Monday, January 30, 2012

Organizing - Vogue Style

One of my 2012 goals was to become more organized around the house.  I have to say with Addie's party planning taking up the first half of the month the house has become a serious cluttered mess and is really not livable.  I have anxiety every time I come in the house but I don't know where to start.

So as I was looking at Vogue's website I saw this great article on products to help with organization and knew it was the universe speaking to me.  Telling me it was time to get my life organized.  The interesting this is I currently do some of these things.

For Your Shoes.  I currently keep my shoes in boxes but these window options are amazing!

The Tool: Linen drop-front shoe boxes, $15;
The Tip: “Beautiful shoes deserve to be seen and taken care of—this option does not trap in moisture but still lets you see inside,” said Graves.

For Your Clothes.  I organize all of my clothes by color and hang on black hangers, though I think it's time to re-organize based on the color scheme their suggesting.

The Tool: Black Huggable Shirt Hangers, $10 for package of 10;
The Tip: “It is hard to recognize that you have six different black skirts when they are not placed together.  After polling friends and testing closets out a million different ways, we have concluded that the rainbow method (ROY G BIV) with white at the beginning and black at the end and lightest to darkest within that makes a closet most appealing for anyone to shop. Also, stick with black hangers, colored ones tend to get dirty.” 

For Your Jewelry.  My jewelry organization is a organized chaos right now.  I love the look of this organizational box.

The Tool: California Closets acrylic jewelry inserts, price upon request; California Closets 646.486.3905
The Tip: “As time changes, so does the style of jewelry.  Having a custom jewelry drawer ensures that everything—from bangles to simple bracelets—will fit!”

For the Toys.  Let's be honest, part of the reason I'm so disorganized at home is because I have a toddler!  Toy organization is a must.  I have a much cheaper remedy, but I still love this basket.

The Tool: Round log basket with handles, $375;
The Tip: “Consistency and predictability are key when organizing a child’s room. All toys must be stored in the same containers and labeled appropriately (i.e., action figures, costumes, puzzles, crayons). When the child is younger, adding a picture next to the label helps foster early literacy skills as well. “ 

For your Makeup.  Again, this product has a hefty price tag but I love the concept.  I'm guilty of buying more products than I'll ever use and I know I won't get rid of any of it.

The Tool: Uten.Silo I, $465; For information:
The Tip: "Makeup can be so tough because many women have a hard time letting go of it, but keep in mind, makeup expires too! It's nice to put restrictions on the amount of space you have. When you run out of room in a container, you know it is time to get rid of some things. "

These are only a few ideas I found over at Vogue, for the entire list check them all out here.  How do you stay organized?  Do you have a product you love?

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  1. These containers look so cool! Unfortunately, if I have a container, I fill it. Then, I need a new container. I just have to watch my buying in order to keep organized!



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