Thursday, January 31, 2013

Adalyn's 2nd Birthday Party

Addie turned two on on Monday, January 21st.  Because her birthday fell on a Monday this year, we decided to open a few gifts and go out to dinner with our immediate family.  Just before leaving the house for dinner we let Addie open a few gifts.

How sweet does she look here!

One of her gifts from us was a small train set from IKEA.  She loves the train set she got for Christmas and I had bought this about a month before Christmas hoping she would like it.

Hands down, one of the best gifts you can give your kid is a train set.  They love it!

Dinner was a Red Robin (Yummmm!) and Addie had a corn dog & broccoli.  Her appetite is finally starting to come out.  

Photo: Birthday girl

Anticipating the birthday sundae coming her way!

Look at her face!  She didn't eat all this, of course she shared with mommy!

It was a great night with really fabulous food.  When is it not good there?

I wanted to keep the decorations & party as a whole very simple.  So we did balloons & flowers.

table_new photo table_new_zpsfc591a88.jpg

The mantle needed a little sprucing up as well.  So again, some balloons & an easy to make banner (scrapbook paper, sharpie, hole puncher, ribbon).

mantle_new photo mantle_new_zps6642ae0c.jpg

And now to the cake.  This took me a little longer than I expected it would but it was worth it!

cake2_new photo cake2_new_zps3a0495ed.jpg

The cake was a 6" three tiered white cake.  The top is the number 2.  I just sketched out the number on poster board and then wrapped it with saran wrap.  Place it on the cake and carefully sprinkle with sprinkles!

cake3_new photo cake3_new_zpsbc450711.jpg

And here is the hidden surprise inside!  Hidden circles!

cake_new photo cake_new_zps3c2cfbe4.jpg

This was the time consuming part.  I used a cake pop maker and used a box of white cake mix with fun food coloring.  It turned out awesome!  Follow this tutorial.

bdayparty050_new photo bdayparty050_new_zpsb40e88f2.jpg

Here are the desserts.  I made the cake and cupcakes.  The cupcakes didn't turn out the way I had hoped so I probably wouldn't make them again.  They tasted fine but aesthetically just didn't come together well.

dessert_new photo dessert_new_zps0bdb41a6.jpg

Somehow I completely missed capturing a picture of the food table.  I'm really disappointed in myself for that.  The food was awesome!

Next up was "Happy Birthday" where Addie looked like this.

Everyone singing and she's a bit confused.

We didn't practice blowing out a candle and surprisingly she knew exactly what to do.

Keep blowing...

Eventually she blew it out and got to chow down.

She loved it, what kid doesn't though.

Present time!

Uncle Zack helped pass her gifts around.  Lots of great clothes (needed!) and toys, books, etc.

A new mini four wheeler for up at Grandma & Papa's house.

And a new slide.

Let's wrap it up with one of my favorite shots of the day.

Photo: BiRfday cake!!!!

So hungry for cake.  Why use the fork?

Such a perfect day for a party and everything turned out really well, besides not getting a picture of the food, or of Addie, Rick and me together.  Maybe we should reenact that.

Happy Birthday sweet Addie!



  1. I have seen the tutorial for that cake, but haven't had the guts to try it. Yours looks great!

    It looks like she had a wonderful birthday!

  2. The cake looks amazing! Adalyn in her elmo slippers just crack me up. :)



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