Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Christmas Photo Dump

So okay, yesterday was officially the first day of 2013 but I'm still in the middle of my working from home/holiday break and I'm a little off schedule and all over the place.  So, before we move further into 2013 let me give you a big old photo dump of pictures from the past couple weeks in December.

First up is the only half way decent picture we got at the Columbus Zoo Wildlights.  The Columbus Zoo is rated one of the best zoo's in the country (hello we are home of Jack Hanna) and Christmas at the zoo is so pretty!  We took advantage of one of the warmer nights we had in December and enjoyed a rather busy evening with lights, cookies & hot cocoa!

Next up is Christmas morning.  Of course my child woke up at 6:30, oi!  And please forgive her crazy long hair in her face.  I just can't bring myself to cut it.

Santa brought her a rocking unicorn that plays music and gallop sounds.  She was in love with that thing.

Opening presents with her is a slow process.

Every piece of paper must be removed from the gift before she can really check it out.

So excuse me for the next several pictures.  For some reason my camera has been acting slightly strange and it was driving me insane trying to figure it out while Addie was right in the middle of opening gifts.

The pic above is a whole lotta fake food stuff for her kitchen (see picture below).

Seriously, the play kitchen just may be the best gift she got.  She played with it forever and it was so fun to see her pretending.

Next up is Addie's first time playing in snow!

And the camera is back, least it seems to be.  I think it was the bright white snow helping out the picture taking.

In the past week, we were hit with over a foot of snow and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

So now we're all caught up and ready to really begin the new year.  I imagine the blog will be in full swing next week but we'll see what happens!  How was your Christmas break?  Any good shopping deals (Marc Jacobs was just marked down to 70% off at Target, holla!)?


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  1. The rocking unicorn picture and her in her Elmo slippers is just too cute for words! :)



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