Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Addie's Favorite Christmas Gift

I told you about the wish list prior to Christmas, but what about what she actually got for Christmas.  Let me start with this, we are in toy overload in this house.  She has 50 too many so I was dreading what she would get from family.  I fully expected that she would get a lot of toys so we didn't buy but 2 toys for her.  So her favorite couple items have been her play kitchen, the Little People Surprise Sounds Fun Park Fair, and her train table.  By far the train table has been the winner.

Now books & clothes, necessary.  We can't get enough books in this house.  She's her mothers daughter and all.  I'm dying over all of the great clothes at Target.  Seriously...

Cherokee ITG December Collection
...I die over cuteness!

What were your kids' favorite gifts this year?  Anything out of the ordinary?



  1. Love the table and clothes! :) I love love buying my niece and nephew clothes haha.

  2. That table is so cool! And clothes are always fun to buy as a gift (not sure if my 2 yr old son likes getting them, but I love giving them haha). We were the same way this year with his gifts--we only bought a couple because he was getting SO much from everyone else.

  3. It seems everyone was buying or building play kitchens this year! We went through our toy bins and culled a bunch of things for the Salvation Army - we figured that Audrey probably wouldn't need as many '1-year-old' toys when she gets there, because she'll be more interested in what Clara's doing, so we got rid of a lot of stuff. Then, if we decide we need stuff later (or she gets a ton of stuff for Christmas next year :) - we can get it again. It's so hard to find room for all of this stuff! LOL!

    1. Great idea! This is what I'm planning to do whenever the next one comes around. No one needs as many toys as these kids get!



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