Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ohio State Fair 2013

One of my absolute favorite times of year is going to the Ohio State Fair.  The food.  It's really all about the food.  So Friday evening we headed over to the fair with the thought that most of the night we'd be taking Addie back and forth to all the rides.  That didn't turn out as planned.  First we headed over to the petting zoo.  She wanted to feed them french fries.

So we headed over to the kiddie rides fully expecting to spend our entire night in that area but quickly found out that Addie is about 2 inches shy of riding nearly every ride solo.

I love those little pigtails.

She spent the entire ride trying to touch the water, I imagine this is what she's doing.  There must be water in that gator.

The other ride she was able to ride was this motorized bumper boat ride.

She spent most of the ride spinning in circles but she loved it.

I always forget to capture the food pics but we did manage to get these somewhat family pics.

I love this picture of us.  She's just chilaxing watching the helicopter take off.

It was 8 when we left and Addie was getting restless, but she quickly livened up when she heard the music playing.

She's got moves like Jagger!


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