Monday, August 5, 2013

Little Hipster

In my Friday bump update I was most looking forward to the weekend and I think this post of pictures will explain it turned out to be everything I was hoping for.  Friday night we went to my brother & sister in laws house for a little get together.  Jean weather is here in the first week of August!  Crazy.  I love this weather but it's making me nervous that my maternity leave will be cooler than it should be at that time of the year.

The girl loves a smoothie.

I love it.

Her outfit kills me.  Now that she's like a little girl she looks cuter and cuter in her clothes.  Like a little lady.

Saturday morning when had plans for a Home Depot workshop event.

Unfortunately, we didn't do so well on this one.  We put the car together upside down and didn't realize until we were putting on the tires.  Whoops!  Luckily the lady running the event took pity on Rick as he tried to disassemble the car for 15 minutes to fix our mistake.

How cute is that little slide?  Addie could have done this all day long.  We may have to make a mini version for the basement.

She even enjoyed sitting underneath the ramp.

After our Home Depot workshop we decided to check out some garage sales in the area and bought Addie a couple books.

I love how serious she looks when "reading" the book.

Sunday we decided to hang out as a family at our favorite Mexican place to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary.

Photo: Anniversary dinner with my girls , 7 years tomorrow

That's Rick's beer, not mine.  :(

And we walked around the mall, unfortunately I didn't get a gift from this place.

Still looked gorgeous Sunday evening.

And the picture of the weekend...

OMG.  I die.  Seriously. I. Die.  Love her to pieces.


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