Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Baby Sprinkle!

This weekend, two of my best friends threw me a small intimate "sprinkle" for the new baby. It was a brunch style party with about 10 people and was absolutely perfect!

The menu was lemon poppyseed & blueberry muffins, broccoli quiche & bacon quiche, and fruit salad.

For drinks there was juice, water, tea, coffee and a raspberry lemonade punch.

I love the little blocks!

How cute are the cupcakes that we had for dessert.  I'm still working on those!

A lot of really great gifts!

These flowers were gorgeous.  I don't know the name but I loved them!

I hate opening gifts in front of people.  It's too much attention directed right at me.

Especially when no one is really talking.  Just me opening gifts.

Check out the size of those cankles.

I think everyone really enjoyed shopping for this sprinkle.

How much does a second time mom really need?  Not much, so everyone got to shop for really cute clothes.

Let's face it, that's what we all like to buy for new parents.

I loved this.  It's a little big for this season but he'll be wearing it next year!

Even my little Addie got a gift!

She got books, playdoh, and lots of clothes & jammies.

She looks like such a little girl here!

And rotten here.

And to sum it all up...

It was such a nice party and I enjoyed hanging out with friends and family that day.  I can't believe we're now under the 30 day mark and he'll be here before we know it!



  1. How very sweet of your friends to do that for you.

  2. Lucky baby on the way..... I guess! He is filled with clothes and so many kids toys before he is born.

  3. Super cute "sprinkle"! I've heard conflicting ideas on having a shower for a 2nd baby. I think having a smaller, more intimate one the 2nd time around is completely appropriate and I hope someone throws one for me when we get knocked up again. And I LOVE that elephant chair! Where is it from?? I've seen similar at Pottery Barn, but I don't think they carry that fabric print.

    1. The elephant chair is actually not mine :( super sad face there because how cute is it. I asked to host of the sprinkle and she mentioned she found it at Homegoods so check out the kid section next time you're there. I always cruise that area for a find like this!



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