Friday, July 13, 2012

Home Tour: Our Mantle

I've showed you a lot of parts of our home over the past several weeks including our kitchen, master bedroom, Adalyn's nursery, and our bathrooms.  Next up is our mantle.  This is actually one area of my house that is in need of some sprucing up.  I've been pinning mantle ideas for months now and I just can't find anything I love.

There really isn't much special to it.  What I am proud of and can't wait to get back is my mantle at Christmas.  It was one of the prettiest parts of our home during the holidays.  Especially with all of those candles actually lit up.  Here's a snapshot of the mantle in it's prime.

You can see more shots of the mantle looking especially fancy here.

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  1. My favourite time of year for my mantle is at christmas too. Something about the glow of christmas lights that just makes everything sparkle :)

  2. Love that shot of your mantle at Christmas!



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