Thursday, July 5, 2012

Home Tour: Our Bathrooms

One of our first remodels was our bathrooms.  They were outdated and cookie cutter, nothing fancy.  We're not too fancy ourselves but we knew we wanted to make the bathrooms a bit more modern and have a spa like feeling to them.  They're still a work in progress and need some artwork but here are some shots of both bathrooms.

First is the main bathroom which is accessible from the main hallway.  It's a full bath that our guests use when we're hosting a party.

Now the master, this is the more spa like of the two.  We're really happy with the shower especially because we have the built in ledge.

Like I said, it needs some artwork or flair, so what do you think?  What would fit the rooms?  I need some advice from you.




  1. I LOVE the first sink/faucet combo. That looks amazing together, so different and elegant!

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL shower curtain. Really makes a statement!



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