Tuesday, July 31, 2012

5 Easy Steps to a Beautiful Bathroom Makeover

It's the middle of summer and we tend to throw a party or two throughout the summer.  Whether it's a cookout, wine tasting, or bonfire party we like to enjoy our family and friends several times through out the summer.  With all of that hosting & cooking comes even more cleaning.  I can admit my house is so out of control unorganized and not in party shape right now.  The one room you can easily make an impact in is the bathroom.  So here are some quick and easy steps to a beautiful bathroom makeover:

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1. Clean.  Seriously it's that easy sometimes.  A little cleaning in areas you don't even want to get close to in the bathroom can help spruce up a bathroom in no time.  Scrub your toilets, shower, sinks and clean your mirrors.  There is nothing more embarrassing then when a guest comes over for a surprise visit and you have to worry if you cleaned up your husbands nose hairs or the kids toothpaste splatter from the mirror.

2.  Paint.  Most bathrooms are rather small so you probably don't even need a full gallon of paint to paint your bathroom in the color of your choice.  That's a nice change in less than $30.

3.  New Hardware.  One of those fancy curved shower bars you find in a hotel or new knobs on your cabinets and drawers.  Even a new bathroom light can cost you less than $50.

4.  New Linens.  Towels don't ever feel as soft as they do when you first buy them and we made the mistake of buying colored towels when we moved in to our house.  My biggest suggestion when buying towels is buy white.  You can bleach to your hearts content to keep your white towels super bright and you can kill any germs.

5.  Accessorize.  What girls doesn't love to accessorize.  Her home is no exception.  Though our bathrooms are both lacking in this area which is why it's high on my to do list.  A cute photo, a fancy hand soap dispenser, a shower curtain with a bold statement; any of these could be done in a bathroom of any size and would make a great update and change to any bathroom.

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  1. Your number one tip, clean, is the most basic and simplest thing to do, yet most people fail to accomplish it. They’re probably unaware that the secret to making a bathroom always look good as new is to keep it clean. Always check the tiles, unclog the sink and keep things organized. It’s very easy, right?

    -Carmella Vancil

  2. Keep it simple and clutter free—that’s probably one of the best things you can do to enhance your bathroom’s look. Don’t overdo the design, or put too many accessories. Rather, include only those things that are important. This way, your bathroom will be more spacious and comfortable to use. After all, there’s beauty in simplicity.

    -Kurt Verdejo

  3. I certainly agree with these helpful tips! A clean and well organized bathroom is absolutely stunning. Maintaining a clean bathroom can also prevent molds and bacteria from thriving. A bathroom need not be equipped with expensive vanities. A simple bathroom can be elegant on its own if it’s germ and mold free!

    Soledad Feigenbaum

  4. A beautiful bathroom is not all about how neatly everything was organized, but it’s also important to note that it should be kept clean at all times. You can play with your design and have your own theme, but if you can’t keep it fresh and clean, then, everything will be put to waste.

    -Althea Tumlin



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