Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Adalyn Month Eighteen

Finally a month where I'm not a week or two late.  Only a handful of days and I intentionally put this one off since you had a check up on Tuesday.  Much like last month, you've changed a bit which has been so much fun to watch.

Stats:  As of yesterday, you're now 24 lbs 3 oz which puts you on the 25-50% and you're 31 inches tall, which also puts you on the 25-50%.  Your head is still rather large at 49cm but the good news is that you're finally back on the charts at 97%.  Your still in a size 4 shoe and wearing your 12-18 month outfits.  Pants in the 18 month range are still rather long on you.

Sleep Schedule:  Your sleep is definitely not set.  You're still sleeping completely through the night but you tend to wake up earlier and earlier every day.  Your sleep can range from 8pm to 6am or 8:30pm to 7am.  I'm really hoping you stick with the 7am wake up time as this 6am wake up call is really getting old.  Naps are still 1 a day from 1-3ish.

Foods:  Your still picky.  Some days you eat more than others.  We can occasionally slip in some meat if we're really sneaky.  You drink about 16-20 ounces of milk on any given day.  You love your milk.  We actually have to hide the milk until we're absolutely ready to give it to you otherwise you have a meltdown.

Firsts:  You really haven't had any firsts this month.  You do say a couple different words, though they don't always sound like the word you're trying to say.  You say mama, dada, ball (ba), shoes, more (mo), again (gen), bird (bir), and please (peas).

Favorite Toys:  You love your books, love, love, love those books.  I purchased you a baby doll stroller that you love.  Mostly because you can torment poor Chloe.  You chase her around the house and ram her with the stroller, all the while you're giggling like crazy.  You love your Chloe, but you mostly love to bug her.  You also really love play doh.  You can play with it for hours.

We're looking forward to another exiting month of growth and new words and new experiences for you.  It's so exciting to see you change and grow into a little girl but I also miss my little baby.


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