Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pinterest Project Update

I’m serious about my Pinterest projects.  I have to admit in my past I have had all of these really great ideas.  Everything from small craft projects to some serious house renovations.  I mean I even thought about taking our ranch to a two story.  Ca-razy!  When I dream, I dream big.  It’s great to have these great ideas, but I really don’t follow through well.  Some of it is that I don’t make the time to actually start and finish a project.  The other thing is I’m really not that knowledgeable about craft projects.  I’m generally not a crafty person.  Let’s just add those reasons to my list of why Pinterest has been one of the best creations to the internet world for people like me. 

You’ll remember from my first Pinterest Project update that I’ve added some projects to my fall project list.  So here’s a snapshot of my Fall Pinterest Projects.

So my next project was the coasters.  Here’s what you’ll need:

4x4 white tiles at a hardware store – I got mine for .10 each at Lowe’s
Scrapbook paper – cut into 4x4 squares
Mod podge
Sponge or paint brush
Clear spray paint
Felt pads

Apply a thin amount of mod podge to your tile then carefully apply the piece of scrapbook paper.  You’ll want to make it as centered as possible.  Apply another thin layer of mod podge to the tile to completely adhere the paper to the tile.  You’ll want to make sure each tile dries fully before applying the clear spray paint.  Once the spray paint is fully dried you’ll add the felt pads.  Grab some fun fancy ribbon, wrap around the coasters and you've got yourself a quick Christmas gift for someone.  You could even apply pictures or other fun prints to the tiles to turn in to coasters.

You'll notice I only used one sheet of scrapbook paper to create 10 tile coasters.  I still have those other 2 sheets to create.  I'm also hoping to find some additional sheets with more designs.  The JoAnn's I went to didn't have much selection.

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  1. Love this - and I LOVE the idea of using photos.

  2. Very nice! I made some coasters last year, but I like your paper much better!

  3. These are so cute! Love these.

  4. I have these pinned too!!! Glad to see your tutorial. They look great!! :)



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