Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adalyn Month Eight

Today you turn 8 months old.  You’re another month closer to your first birthday and another month has passed since the day you were born.  I still remember that day like it was yesterday.  You’re learning so quickly this month.

 Stats: You haven’t been to the doctor since your 6 month well check.  We imagine you’re about 20 pounds; it seems your weight gain has slowed and you’re starting to grow taller.  This means you’re starting to lose those cheeks everyone loves.  You’re still in some 6 month clothes but are approaching the 9 month clothes.  I’m sad to see those cute summer clothes being put away but baby jeans are adorbs!

 Sleep Schedule:  Your sleep scheduled has come erratic.  I think it is due to teething but I also think you’ve learned to manipulate your mama.  I don’t know how I let you do it but you have.  Almost 2 weeks ago we attempted to begin CIO (cry it out) which is a brutal term and an even more brutal experience for your mama.  I prefer the term WIO (work it out).  During this WIO period you alternate nights between waking, crying for 10 minutes and self soothing back to sleep and waking, crying for nearly an hour, and then falling back to sleep.  Those nights of hour long crying is tough on me.  It’s so tough, I’ve stopped after 2 weeks of no improved sleeping pattern.  I’ve been told 3-4 days is how long it takes and you just don’t fit the mold.  You move to the beat of your own drum, which makes sense seeing as you’re an Aquarius.  We'll attempt that WIO period at a later time.  Your naps still vary throughout the day.  You usually take a long 2 hour nap in the morning about 3 hours after waking up.  You take another mid-day nap which is 45 minutes to an hour.  Another nap late afternoon about the same amount of time.  Occasionally you also take a nap just before bed.  You’ve started pushing back the evening nap to the point where you often eliminate it all together.  Mommy was excited about this thinking you would then sleep longer at night…no dice!  You don’t yet have a scheduled bedtime but you typically go to sleep around 8:30.

 Foods:  You are still eating approximately 30-36 ounces of milk every day.  You still haven’t figured out how to use the sippy cup.  The water still spills down the front of you which is why you lose your shirt while “drinking” your water.  You eat about an ounce of rice cereal or oatmeal a day and about another 2 ounces of fruits or veggies a day.  My instincts were right last month.  You’re not a fan of purees and enjoy more adult food.  You definitely prefer the baby led weaning approach which is a feeding habit where the baby gets soft more adult like foods and attempts to feed themselves.  This is a great approach for you since you’re so independent in this sense.  You haven’t yet learned your pincher grasp which makes these feedings a bit frustrating to you.  

 Your new foods this month were chicken, ground turkey, avocado, applesauce, baby pancakes, and cheese.  You love all of these except the avocado.  This makes mommy and daddy a little sad since we love guacamole.  I think you’ll learn to love this one with all of the seasonings.  Mommy made you applesauce after your first apple picking trip to Lynd’s Fruit Farm.  At first you weren’t sure of the consistency but you quickly changed your mind and now love it!

 Firsts:  Besides the new foods I’ve mentioned above, you had your first apple picking trip, your first corn festival, your first visit to COSI, your first labor day, and your first Ohio State party (though it wasn’t a pleasant one since we lost, boo).  You’re now taking several crawl movements forward.  You still prefer to worm your way across the floor.  You’re saying ma-ma-ma-ma and da-da-da-da still thought you haven’t fully put either of those together.  You’ve cut your second tooth which seemed to be worse than the first.  You had a rough couple of days there as the tooth worked its way through your gums but seem to be doing well now.  You’ve managed to bite your mommy several times now which is not a pleasurable experience.  Please don’t do that again! 

 Favorite Toys:   Sophie is still a front runner to you.  You love rubber duckies.  You’ve started to like some of your books too.  I think mostly to chew on them but you have a touch & feel book that you love to feel the sheepdogs’ fur.  This month we’ve retired your swing and you’ve not used your jumperoo in some time.  You have a Johnny Jump Up and Grandma & Grandpa Messmer’s house that you enjoy. 

You still love to swing outside, play in the grass and stare at and play with any plants/flowers/trees/leaves, you still love water and really enjoy your baths.  You still love your big sister Chloe and now worm/crawl your way over to her to pull out her hair play with her.  You still play with your own hair while drifting to sleep and still want to play with mommy’s hair to soothe you.  When I pick you up after work you see me and get the biggest smile on your face and started excitedly screaming.  You’ve graduated to your big girl car seat which you seem to enjoy much more than your baby carrier.

 I’m predicting next month you’ll have another tooth, probably 2 more teeth.  I imagine you’ll be crawling everywhere by this point.  I think you’ll be pulling yourself up much more often.  I hope you learn to put yourself into a sit from lying down since you get stuck lying down and fuss about it.  I’m still crossing my fingers that you learn to sleep longer at night!
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  1. OMG that first photo is so funny! I can't believe she is 8 months already. Time NEEDS to slow down.



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