Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall Pinterest Projects

We all know how much I love Pinterest.  It's the best idea ever for those of us who have these random passing thoughts, never write them down and then forget about them 5 seconds after thinking it.  My memory is really bad so Pinterest is the bomb-diggity for me.  You've seen some posts recently about food I've made via Pinterest which have mostly turned out amazing.  The problem is I have all of these great posts of DIY projects I'd like to take on but I'm a procrastinator, and a bit of bum when it comes to getting off my butt and taking the initiative.  I'm also incredibly intimidated by a sewing machine.  I don't have one and never had one growing up which is probably why I have no idea how to sew with or without the sewing machine.  In order to become a bit more sewing savy I'm putting a sewing machine on my Christmas list this year.  So to keep me honest and to keep me motivated, I'm providing a sneak peek at the projects I'd like to tackle by the end of October.  If you're hoping to become more creative, follow me in my crafting journey.  I promise to these will be easy projects you can also complete and I'll give an update as I complete each project.  Without further adieu, My Fall Pinterest Project Inspirations:

Do you have any projects?  Tell me about them here.  Anyone have any suggestions on a sewing machine?  I'm taking suggestions.


  1. Just started following you on Pinterest! I did my first Pinterest project yesterday and posted it on my blog today. I have many more to do, love Pinterest!

  2. I'm addicted to pinterest. So I've avoided it for a week or so. It was ruining my life. I'll be back soon though. Lol!



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