Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

Thankfully this was a short work week so the weekend met up with us quicker than usual.  Friday, the hubs and I stayed in and watched The Ghostwriter, not so great a movie.  Saturday we got to watch The Ohio State University Buckeye football team play.  We had some great seats, thanks dad!  Saturday evening we had some friends over since our friend Dan was in town.  Dan is a med student currently on rotations so we only see him once ever couple months so when he's town we really like to get together.  Sunday was spent doing the usual, laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. We went up to my parents to visit which has become a Sunday tradition.  We don't get to see my parents too often since they've moved a little further north.  AND, we spotted a tooth slowly poking its way through Addie's gums.  Here it comes again!

 So we told you about our weekend plans here.  To keep us honest let's see what we actually got accomplished versus our original plan.

Clean out fridge

Run Laundry
Ohio State Football game

Clean sheets
Vacuum floors
Rotate out Addie's clothes that no longer fit
Dinner with parents

I think I can be happy with this. The biggest thing I wanted to accomplish I, unfortunately, did not get to and that was cleaning out the fridge.  I'll be honest it's been months since I've done this.  Now I don't mean get rid of old jars of barbeque sauce that have been sitting in there unexpired.  I actually do that as I go which is surprising.  I'm talking about a serious scrub down which is needed more often than every few months.  You can bet you'll be seeing this task on Friday's weekend planning list.

So how did your weekend planning go?  Anything you didn't get to that you're really regretting not completing? 

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