Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Recap

It's Monday (boo!) which means it is time for me to recap my weekend and see how I did with my weekend planning from Friday.  Green was succesful, red not so much...

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping
Run 1 load of laundry
Vaccuum house
Clean bed linens
Mop floors
Clean bathrooms
Clean fridge/freezer
Weed flower beds
Dinner with parents
Attend Mass
Dust living room
Meal plan for the week
I have to say I was about 50% successful.  I have a lot that still needs done around the house and it's driving me insane that I haven't accomplished much.  Saturday night when we were out with my parents the Union County Airport was hosting a balloon show so around 6:30 about 15-20 balloons took flight right over the restaurant we were eating at on the patio.  It was fun to watch, Addie showed no interest!  On Saturday I also noticed Addie has her first tooth making a presence.  I still need to catch a picture of it though the girl hates when I try to look in her mouth.
Sunday I added a few things to my list that we weren't expecting to do.  There's a family farm about 15 minutes east of us that grows apples, peaches, squash, pumpkin, raspberries, etc.  Each week I receive their newsletter via email and each week I read it and say I really want to go and check out the new Farmers Market so this was the day to do it.  I'll post pictures about it later as well as a little surprise baby food making from one of the items I picked up.  I also took Addie's 7 month pictures which reminds me I need to do a monthly recap and post. 
Looks like I have a full plate of posts that need written today.  What about you?  What did you do this weekend?  Any Farmers Market trips? 

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  1. You had a very full weekend!!we just relaxed and beached it. Have a great week



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