Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adalyn Month Seven

On Sunday, August 21st, you turned 7 months.  You’re another month closer to your first birth and another month has passed since the day you were born.  I still remember that day like it was yesterday.  You’re learning so much so fast this month.

 Stats: You haven’t been to the doctor since your 6 month well check.  We imagine you’re about 20 lbs so you’re having no troubles gaining extra cute baby rolls every place imaginable.
 Sleep Schedule:  You have regressed and mommy is having a hard time keeping up with your sleep schedule.  You used to sleep 5-6 hours, eat, and then sleep another 2-3 hours, almost to the minute.  Lately you’ve been sleeping 2-3 hours, waking while mommy tries to soothe you back to sleep via your soothie, returning to sleep, waking another 2 hours, eat, sleeping another 1-2 hours.  Every night while I’m feeding you I’m thinking about the day you will sleep a solid 8 hours so mommy can get a solid nights sleep.  Your naps vary throughout the day.  You usually take a long 2 hour nap in the morning about 3 hours after waking up.  You take another mid-day nap which is 45 minutes to an hour.  Another nap late afternoon about the same amount of time.  Occasionally you also take a nap just before bed.  You don’t yet have a scheduled bedtime but you typically go to sleep around 8:30 or 9 o’clock.
 Foods:  You are eating approximately 30-36 ounces of milk every day.  It seems you’re starting to scale that number back.  You get about an ounce of water a day which you haven’t figured out how to drink out of the sippy cup.  You enjoy chewing on the straw part and letting the water spill all over yourself.  You eat about an ounce of rice cereal a day and about another 2 ounces of fruits or veggies a day.  My instincts tell me you’ll enjoy eating more ‘adult-like’ food that’s not pureed.  You prefer feeding yourself but you’re not very good at this.  You oftentimes grab the spoon and guide it into your mouthyou’re your death grip is hard to break!  
 You’ve now had Cereal (5), Blueberries (6), carrots (6), peas (6), squash (6), zucchini (7), cantaloupe (7), grapes (7), lemon (7), bread (7), pears (7), pumpkin (7).  Your new foods this month were zucchini, cantaloupe, grapes, lemon, bread, pears, and pumpkin.  You do not care for zucchini or pears, mostly the pears.  You love bread.  I pull off a small piece from rolls and let you gum it.  You had pumpkin on your 7 month birthday after a trip to the Lynd’s Fruit Farm Farmers Market.  You seemed to love it which I’m excited about!
 Firsts:  Besides the new foods I’ve mentioned above, you had your first trip to the Ohio State Fair (twice), your first trip to Lynd’s Fruit Farm Farmers Market, your first sleepover at Grandma & Grandpa’s house (with mommy).  You’re now scooting backwards on your tummy and have pulled yourself to all fours and are rocking back and forth.  One day, while very cranky, I was holding you while you were crying and you made out your first word…mama.  Though I don’t think you knew what you were saying it was nice for mama to hear.  You haven’t said it again and now make what sounds to your dad like dada, though to me it sounds like blah, blah. The day before your 7 month birthday, mommy spotted what appears to be your first tooth breaking through…this could explain your weird sleep schedule and your recent chewing on everything including your own clothing.
 Favorite Toys:   Sophie, Sophie, and Sophie.  It’s amazing because just a few months back, when I bought that ridiculously expensive toy because every mommy I talked to raved about it, you had zero interest.  I was really kicking myself for buying her for you.  Your daddy gave me a lot of heat.  Now, you love her.  You love to chew her nose and hooves and you’ve figured out how to make her squeak.  This drives all the dogs crazy but she’s been one of the best things for your teething.  You still play with your rings that link up to one another and can attach to other toys.  You also enjoy your crinkle book.  You still love your jumperoo but can still only handle it in spurts.
You still love to swing outside, play in the grass and stare at and play with any plants/flowers/trees/leaves, you still love water and really enjoy your baths.  You know Chloe very well.  When I walk with you down the hallway and Chloe follows us you look over my shoulder at Chloe and coo at her while kicking your feet.  You love to play with your own hair while drifting to sleep and sometimes when I’m standing over you in your crib while you’re screaming your head off you reach your chubby little hand towards me.  This is your way of telling me you want to play with my hair to comfort you to sleep.  I love this moment.  That you need and want me so much, that I’m the best person in the world to calm you when you’re upset.  I hope I continue to be that person to you for years to come.

 This month you’ve learned so much I cannot imagine what you’ll be doing next month.  I imagine you’ll have a tooth (or two) and will probably be crawling.  I hope you’ll be sleeping better because mommy needs a break!


  1. Happy 7 months to Addie! I still can't believe how fast our babies are growing up. :)

    I never understand but for some reason, Arianna loves to sleep sideways in her crib. LOL. When I wake up, I readjust her sometimes.

    Thanks for following and visiting my blog, Stephanie. :)


  2. Happy 7 Months, little one! I love her chubby face, thighs, belly, everything!

  3. 7 months! wow!

    Love the baby leg warmers!

  4. What a cutie! That crib set is seriously adorable and makes me want a little girl :). Following you from the TAT blog hop. www.educatingmissamber.blogspot.com

  5. You make me long for the day that I can hold my babies in my arms, not sleeping and all! She is soooo precious. I am a new follower from VB and I can't wait to share her first birthday experience!

  6. She's a beautiful baby!
    I'm visiting from Voiceboks :) The photos in the big chair are so funny! Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum...looking like you're sitting in the giant's chair...

    I'm a new follower of your blog ~ I love your daughter's name - we have all A names for our children:)

    They All Call Me Mom



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