Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Marshalls, How I Love You!

A couple weeks back Rick noticed a rather large hole in our sheet set.  Who knows how this basketball sized hole was made in the sheets after we washed them but we had to buy a new set.  Rick is a deal shopper.  He will spend hours upon hours searching to find the best value for your dollar.  So when he knew we needed sheets, he went straight to the internet to do research.  After reading through reviews and price shopping he purchased “white” satin sheets.  I had no idea he was purchasing satin.  I said please just buy white sheets.  Being that it was an online purchase you never really know the color until it arrives.  Oh what a disaster that was.  These “white” satin sheets…not white.  More of a creamy beige color.  And the satin!  He never told me they would be satin.  They looked like porn star sheets.  I knew they wouldn’t work out as soon as I walked into our room and saw them on the bed but we had to give them a try.  That night I spent most of the night try to get comfortable.  My head was sliding off the pillow all night, the sheets trapped in the heat and it was just plain uncomfortable.  The next morning we both looked at each other and agreed we had to buy different sheets, the porn star sheets were not cutting it.
Off to Marshalls we went.  Marshalls is one of my favorite stores.  The fact that they have items in their stores that look like they belong in model homes for a great price is amazing.  I’m in heaven every time I walk into that store.  I spend most of my time shopping thinking, if only I made twice as much as I do now, I’d buy half the store out.  Another thing about Rick, when he’s shopping in a store he spends a lot of time comparing the sizes, price, quantity, etc before making a purchase so I knew he’d spend a lot of time in the sheet  section.  I took that opportunity to do my own wish list shopping.  I stumbled upon some lovely finds to share with you:
The Chair – I die a thousand times!  I love this chair, the pattern would go with almost anything so I could change my living room around as much as I want and not fear the chair would disrupt the style.  This is one of my larger wish list items at $399. 
The Yellow Pillows – Our room is gray with dark/almost black furniture along with touches of whites and creams so I knew a yellow pillow would look fab in the room.  I’ve been on a hunt to find some accent pillows for the bed.  I loved these at $24.99 and have had regrets in not purchasing them every since. 

The Teal Pillows – I’m a sucker for teal or turquoise, anything in this family shade and I probably love it so when I walked towards these babies my heart sang a little song to me.  I was so in love I forgot to check the price.
The Sassy Pillow – Love this!  I really wanted to buy this as well but it wouldn’t quite go with the yellow pillows I’m searching for.  I also was distracted by the beauty that I forgot to catch the price. 
The Cute Lamp – I’m always searching for fun items for Adalyn’s room so when I walked through the children’s section my eye was immediately drawn to this adorable lamp at $19.99.
The Fun Chair – I saw this and thought it was ridiculously cute for Adalyn.  My dad has been building and painting his new Adirondacks for the dock at his pond and I thought this would be super cute with Adalyn’s legs dangling to reach the ground.  At just $12 on clearance, this was another buy I was regretting not making.  I doubt it’s still in the store but I should make a follow up trip purchase this one for sure.

After all that shopping, Rick had narrowed his sheet choice down to 3; cream, gray, and blue.  We went with gray.  Gray is a new color favorite of mine rising quickly to meet up with my teal/turquoise obsession.  I didn’t snap a shot of the sheets.  Once I finally purchase those yellow accent pillows and get our room organized I’ll take picture to share with you all.  As for Marshalls, I imagine I’ll be seeing the store soon for another walk through.  Love!


  1. Love marshalls! Actually just got back form there

  2. First, I love the blog design. So pretty and eye catching. That chair is gorgeous and so eye catching. Hope you are able to get it at some point.

    I am a new follower from the Wild Wednesday Blog Hop. Would love a follow back at


  3. You are making me really jealous as I don't have a Marshall's or anything remotely close to it w/in three hours of my house.
    New follower from VB. Great blog!

  4. We have a T.J. Maxx which I think is similar to Marshall's. It is my go-to for home decor. I always find the latest trends, the best name brands, and all for super cheap. Cheaper than Target cheap. LOVE IT!

  5. I have to say I liked the lamp the best.
    Stopping by from VB have a great week.



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