Thursday, October 10, 2013

Post Pregnancy Body

39 week bump photo.  Hours before delivery.

I can't believe what I'm about to do but I think it's something a lot of people who are expecting babies are thinking.  I mean, I thought it throughout my entire pregnancy.  What is my body going to look like after having this baby?  Will I bounce back?  How long will it take?  This being my second, will things be totally different this go round?  Some of these questions I have answers to now and some I probably won't have for months to come.

When I got home from the hospital, after settling in for a day or so, I decided to hop on the scale out of curiosity.  To my disappointment I had only lost about 10 lbs.  I delivered a nearly 8lb baby, plus all that other good stuff, and I had only lost 10lbs?!  How was that possible?  That was my initial reaction but I only let that thought run through my head for a few minutes because that was the least of my concerns.  What I did next was even crazier...
I took photos of my post pregnancy body just days after delivery.  Oi what a sight but I'm all about seeing progress photos.  If I don't see the proof of the change, I don't believe anything is happening.  One of my most popular posts are my 30 day shred progress photos and I loved taking them and seeing the changes from those so I wanted to do the same here.  

Just a week later and you can see a lot of change already.  I haven't been cleared to work out yet so this is only chasing around a toddler and breastfeeding.  Once I get the all clear to work out I'm hitting the crunches big time.  Along with running and 30 day shred, I'm hoping to get toned up as soon as possible.  To this point I've lost 20 pounds and have another 12 to go before I get to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I don't plan to stop there.  My goal is another 20 after I lose that pregnancy weight.  But one goal at a time.  Hopefully in the next few weeks I can post about how I've lost the rest of the baby weight!

One with clothes on is needed I think.  :)

How did you lose your baby weight?  Was there any tried and true methods that worked for you?  Going into holiday season I'm a little nervous but confident if I keep at it I can reach my goals in time for spring season!



  1. HA! My baby is three months old and I haven't lost an ounce! Ugh. (No, I'm not breastfeeding...and I am back to running but that doesn't help tone) I hope to get more into it soon, I'm just super busy with two kids!! I'm sure you relate =)

    Sending you sunshine,

    1. Having two kids is crazy hard to manage. Everyone told me that before Graham was born but until it happens you don't realize how crazy it is. We'll all get there one day!

  2. I use the old saying of it takes nine months to gain it, it takes nine months to lose it. :) All I did was pump exclusively (I did not nurse directly) and ate healthy. I just started working out last month at 9 months postpartum.

    I think you look great for just having a baby!

    1. I agree, it's going to take some time to get it off. I'm just impatient. :)

  3. I always lose all the baby weight and some change in the first 2 weeks. Then I go up a bit and sit there until I stop breast feeding. So that means around 1ish. It's a pain, but it's just how my body works. I fit back into all my clothes, it's just all different. Third time around I'm a whole lot more relaxed about it. I eat well, balanced, I do excercise when I can, and I trust that my body will get back to itself once I have finished nourishing my sweet little guy. I think you are doing great.



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