Monday, October 22, 2012

30 Day Shred Update: Level Two Complete

I have to admit, I'm so happy this level is done.  I wasn't really motivated and I thought level two was really boring.  I just couldn't get into it.  I also don't feel like I've changed much from level one to level two so I'm ready to hit the ground running on level three.  So without further adieu, level two results.

And here's a picture of level one's completed results and level two's front on comparison shots.  I literally see nothing here.  I actually think there's more definition in the level one ab shot than level two.
Finally the side by side comparisons from level one and level two results.  I could maybe convince myself that my stomach is getting a bit smaller but I still don't notice a huge difference here.
Level two results on paper.

Arms - 11.5" both arms (down by 1/2")
Bust - 37.75" (no change)
Thighs - 23.5"  (no change)
Upper Waist - 32.5"
Lower Waist - 35.25" (up by 1/4")
Hips - 39.75" (down by 3/4")

Total change - down by 1" which is a bit shocking since I thought I wouldn't see any change whatsoever.  Again, no change in weight.  I really don't think the program will reflect a weight change, for me at least.  

On another note, my running is going really well.  I haven't seen any results in the scale at this point but I'm running on average about 17 miles a week.  I'm really hoping to see the scale change from the running as that's always been where I see progress on the scale.

If you look back at my level one results and add that to level two, I'm down a total of 2 3/4"!  You can read about all of my results here, here and here.

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  1. I see it in your stomach a little bit too. Keep working at it and great job with the running too! I can't wait to start.

  2. You're doing awesome and 17 miles a week running is so fantastic!!!



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