Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Columbus Zoo Trip

Rick hasn't been feeling too hot lately.  He's battling a nasty cold which originated from Addie so I called up my BFF, Mary & Addie and took a trip to the Columbus Zoo.

She actually enjoyed this carousel ride unlike the last time.

I love the Lorakeets.  They're so pretty.

Addie loved them too. She wanted to pick them up.

Her favorite part of the zoo was the petting zoo.  Hands down.

And here's Mary and Addie.  I should have gotten a picture of Mary standing because the girl is now sporting a little baby pooch!  That's right, she's pregnant!  So excited!

The cutest part of the day.  Addie decided to sit down next to this old goat.

Then she quickly found one she could chase around.

The girl was in heaven here.  In the middle of all those goats.  Such a great day for the zoo.

Read about Addie's first trip to the zoo here.



  1. Addie has the cutest cheeks! ahh! :)

    Stopping by from the walkabout.

  2. What a fun day. We went to the zoo this summer but I think its about time for another trip. Thank you for linking up!



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