Friday, September 7, 2012

Corn Festival

Every year, the weekend of Labor Day, a local town hosts a corn festival.  Nothing crazy like loads of corn for kids to play like a sandbox full of corn, rides corn style focused, but there is a lot of corn on the cob eating to be had.  Last weekend we went out for a couple hours Saturday evening.  It was looking like rain but we weren't going to let the rain damper our fun.  

When we arrived, Addie was asleep so we decided to play some bingo since it was probably the only opportunity we had to play.  Once that girl is awake she has no interest in sitting still.  Unfortunately, she woke up about 30 minutes in and double bummer, we didn't win a single game.

Once Addie finally did wake up, she was content playing with the rocks.  The girl is a lover of all types of rocks.  I think she may become a geologist one day.

Check out her first pony.  It was difficult to get it all up but it still counts right?

Now the girl was so excited to get on the rides, but once that ride started moving she wasn't so sure about it all.  In fact, she made it about 5 rotations before she started waving her hands saying "woah, woah, woah".  The ride operator had to stop to let her off early.  

Immediately after getting off the ride, she starts crying because she wanted back on.  Luckily, the line for the merry-go-round was a short one.

Much like the last ride, about 2 rotations in, she wanted off.  This picture cracks me up.  Eventually, Rick figured out if he told her to "wave to mama" each time they passed me she settled down.

Again, as soon as she gets off, she has a meltdown because she wants back on the ride.  So indecisive, I wonder where she gets that from?!  We did manage to find a ride she liked, it came in the form of a really pony to ride and she loved it.  She was so content, I had a half second thought that maybe we should get her a pony for her birthday.  Then I quickly thought better of it all.

I cannot wait until next year when she'll be the perfect age to ride the rides without having a meltdown because she's scared of them.  Though, at that point she'll be the perfect age to ask for a real pony for her birthday...eek!


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