Thursday, September 27, 2012

30 Day Shred Update

A couple weeks ago I, very nervously, posted pictures of myself for all the world to see.  I decided to start 30 day shred after several mommy friends suggested it to tone up in a short amount of time without having to spend "hours of phoning it in at the gym".  I'll be honest, as soon as I posted that I thought what did you just do.  Now anyone can see what I look like.  It's a really scary feeling knowing it's out there.  Coworkers, former boyfriends, former classmates, strangers, etc.  It's such a scary feeling but you all came out and offered a lot of support and encouragement.  I want to make sure I provide you with an update so you can see my progress as well as use this as a tool to keep me motivated.  

So first let me tell you where I am in the program.  Remember I told you that 30 day shred is a 3 level program, each level lasting 10 days.  I began level 1 weeks ago, then, our entire family was in a wedding and the following day we headed off to Outerbanks for a vacation.  So I made it all the way through level 1 and then unfortunately stopped because of everything else going on at the time.  

After returning from vacation, I gave myself one day off and then immediately started right back up on Monday.  I'm now 3 days in and Jillian is still kicking my butt but I'm feeling amazing.  Each level is about 20 minutes of intense working out and you feel like quitting several times in those short 20 minutes but I push through it thinking it's only 20 minutes and Jillian looks like a beast.

So here's my initial reaction to completing level one (and restarting again).  Day 1 and 2 are brutal.  My legs hurt so bad that I could hardly walk.  I could barely lift my arms to answer my phone.  But then you start feeling really good after those initial few days.  Honestly, I started seeing my stomach tighten up after around day 5.  The hardest part for me is the push-ups.  I have zero upper body strength, which is really shocking considering I carry a 25 baby around daily.

My plan at this point is to run through level 1 again, take some progression photos once completed and provide you with my update at that point.  Then, I'll start level 2, photos & update, level 3, photos & update until it's complete.  And figures crossed I'll have some fabulous results for you.  I ask that you continue to provide me with support and encouraging words because I know I'll need them.  Also, if any of you have done 30 day shred and want to provide me with your story/photos, I'll post about it.  I'd love to hear about you progress/results.



  1. I tried the Shred for about 2 weeks and I actually really liked it. I felt stronger within the first week and really saw the definition in my legs starting to return. My tummy area also started shrinking which was major for me because I had a c section and thought my pooch would never go away!
    The only reason why I stopped was because I had a hard time focusing with Aubrey around, even if her papa was watching her. So I returned to the gym which has a kids club so I could zone out and look in on her if I felt the need to.
    Other than that I LOVED the Shred!
    You've got this mama!

    1. Moe - I too had a c section and that pooch is killing me. My stomach pre baby wasn't terrible, of course it could have used some firming up but this pooch is the worst.

      I've managed to work out after Addie goes to sleep for the night otherwise I wouldn't be able to work out with her around. It's so distracting and she only ever seems to want me.

      Thanks for the kind words!



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