Monday, September 3, 2012

A Mother's Love

I remember when I was pregnant with Addie how little I realized I was pregnant.  I mean I knew I was pregnant, I had a big belly and some seriously swollen feet to prove it but it never really set in until my water broke.  Then I had an, "oh shit this is really happening" moment.  Maybe it's because I subconsciously knew I was meant to have such a special relationship with Adalyn.  That first moment I laid eyes on her she had my heart completely.

Those first days in the hospital we had a lot of visitors, but even then, at only 2 days old, Addie found my voice wherever I was in a room.

It's amazing how quickly you can develop a bond with someone you are meeting for the first time. They put all of their faith and trust into you and you are their protector.

You're her first friend in life.  Her first everything.

But she's also everything to me.  The reason I am who I am.  The reason I want to become a better person, a more giving, loving, dependable person.

One day, hopefully someday soon, she won't be the sole attention receiver and I pray when that day comes I'm able to continue to provide her with the same amount of attention, respect, and love that I do today.  But until that moment comes I'll continue to focus all of my time, energy, and love into my moments with her.

 She's already grown into such a beautiful little girl and I cannot imagine what she'll look like as a teenager but I'll savor each age as each age reveals more beauty within her.



  1. New follower here. Your post is also making me tear up. I swear this is an emotional topic (at least for this PMSing woman) this week at the TAT hop.

  2. Oh so sweet! That 3rd picture is hilarious, I love her hair sticking up all tall!! :)

  3. Ah, so sweet! Made me cry. She's such a cutie.

  4. It's such a beautiful thing, isn't it! You're an awesome mom!

  5. What a heartfelt post to pull at all of our heart strings! I cannot wait to have this type of relationship with my future children someday.



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