Thursday, September 6, 2012

30 Day Shred...

I can't believe what I'm about to do.  As you're all aware, I have an almost 20 month old daughter, Adalyn.  If you're a woman who has given birth you know what that does to your body.  You're loose where you shouldn't be loose.  You eat what you can when you can because your priority is to feed your child when they're hungry.  Oftentimes that means you're eating something terrible for you just because it's easy.  Having a child also leaves you with little time for yourself.

One of the things I was really afraid of prior to having Addie was losing my sense of self.  Being and individual as well as a mommy.  Unfortunately, I've lost sight of that and am now in a place where I have to make a change.  My favorite mantra, Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes.

So, I've decided to start working out again.  On Monday, I started 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels.  It's a 30 day program you do for 20 minutes each day.  Within the program are 3 levels of intensity.  Level one for 10 days, level two for 10 days, level three for 10 days.  After than you're expected to see some results.  I've heard people losing 10 pounds in that amount of time which is a lot considering it's only 20 minutes a day.

The motivation is that I'm ready to start planning for another baby and it's proven that being fit going into a pregnancy means a healthier you throughout the pregnancy as well as an easier bounce back post delivery.  Plus I want to look good.  I recently turned 30 and they say your body goes down hill at this age so I'm here to combat that.  I'm also battling a family full of obesity which is something I can't let myself do.

The plan is to eat better and workout every day for 30 days (I do have a vacation in between so I'll need to figure something out while at the beach).  After 30 days I'll continue to do the program or find another activity to keep me in shape, I may switch back to running as it's great cardio and has really been the only thing I've done to change my body.

Now before we get into the ugly details, here's what I'm hoping for out of this.  I'm hoping that I feel better about myself but also that I see some serious results.  I've always had some serious thighs so that's my target area for change.  If I see less kissing in thigh area I'll be really happy.

So here it comes, ladies and gents, brace yourself for the ugly truth.

Starting Details
Weight 157
Arms - 12"
Thigh - 24"
Upper Waist - 33"
Lower Waist - 35"
Hips - 41"

So I'm asking for your help.  Your advice, easy lunches, and healthy dinners.  Meals with lots of flavor but low in calories.  Have you done 30 Day Shred?  What was your story? What were your results?



  1. Not an "ugly truth" at all! You are very brave and I think that posting those is an inspiration to lots of women! I know it is to me! Oh and getting healthy before TTC again is good! I didn't and now I'm a tank!

  2. This is awesome! I'm in the same boat! My daughter is 18 months and we are trying for number 2. I've been wanting to get fit before a second pregnancy, but I haven't found the motivation. Seeing this makes me want to start the shred again! Thanks for the motivating post! Victoria is right..Not an ugly truth at all. You look great!

  3. You go mama! I would go look at Allie and her husband's journey on the 30 day shred, she's doing it to support him and they both look amazing! (She hasn't blogged on it yet, but I think she will!)

  4. I'll agree that is not an ugly truth. You're measurements are pretty much where mine are except I have 3 inches in my waist on you, but I what has helped me start to shed the pounds and inches is that I track all that I eat and I also started running. To keep me in line with the running my husband and I sign up for races. I do the 5Ks and he does the 10Ks. I'll admit that I had tried to get into better shape before #2 and gave up. I ate what I wanted within reason and didn't exercise that often since we didn't have a gym membership, but I will say that running after my son helped me out. I gained less weight and my post recovery was 100 times better. We ended up joining our local YMCA last December and I'm glad that I did. We're done having kids so here's getting my body back. Good Luck!!



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