Thursday, September 20, 2012

Guest Post: Smiles n Snuggles

Hi! My name is Victoria. I blog over at Smiles 'n' Snuggles. I write about life with my little boy, J, (soon to be two little boys actually), being crafty and once this little guy arrives losing all the baby weight I gained, getting healthy and training for my 5k in May. 
I think it's awesome that Stephanie is starting to work out again and was even brave enough to post pictures for all to see of where she is starting! From reading her post, I can sense how motivated she is to start her journey and achieve her goals!  This leads me to my post:
What motivates someone to get healthy?
The reason I ask, is that once this baby that is jumping around in my stomach makes his escape in a couple weeks (fingers crossed), I need to find my motivation to get myself back in shape. I need to make sure that I have that motivation or I'll just get complacent and not do anything and be in the same predicament I was in when I got pregnant with this one (except that I'm up a whole bunch more pounds).
In my case, this is my motivation:

submitted by okiegrl

I have two little boys who will be looking up at me. I often think when I eat something, that J is starting at me and thinking "How come you get that and I get strawberries?" I want my boys to be healthy, involved in sports and not have to worry about the struggles with weight that I have had to.
However, there is other motivations. Yes, I want to be 'hot' and confident in skin and in the clothes I wear. Even I have looked at some people and though Should they really be wearing that? But hey, if they have the confidence to do it then go for it (right? Alright, maybe not in all cases, but most).
Another motivating factor is to one day be a tri-athlete and get back into my 'athletic state'. Yes, you read that right, I want to swim, bike and run for fun. I think they would be rewarding experiences and it's something I've always wanted to try. I figure maybe it's something we can do as a family in the future.
So, what's your motivation to do things (i.e. lose weight, eat healthier, clean up the house, etc.)? Does your motivation change as you progress or do you find yourself going back to the same reasons?
Come check out my blog, Facebook and Twitter and let me know about what motivates you!
Thanks, Stephanie for letting me guest post on your amazing blog!

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  1. I used to be motivated to look hot, then I just wanted to lose baby weight, but now my biggest motivation is to be healthy. When I look at the declining health, that could've been prevented, of my parents and know I'm that same genetic makeup I'm scared to end up where they are.



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